Why I Will Never Stop Wearing High Top Converse Shoes - Yes, I'm a 32 year old man who still, and always will, rock my Chucks. Also, I am aware of the irony present in the fact that you're reading an article about Chucks on ChuckW.com. Put that obvious correlation out of your mind for the sake of this article. It's purely coincidence.... Or is it...??

Why I Will Never Stop Wearing Converse High Tops
Who could say no to these sexy mofos here?

Since this is primarily a music and life website, you may be saying why the hell is Chuck writing about his favorite shoes? The real reason will be revealed at the end but for now please allow me to elaborate on the marvel that are the classic high tops that have been worn all the way from Basketball legends to Fashionistas, all the way up to your favorite Indie Musicians.

Converse are the best because . .

I need oddly shaped sizes with my sneakers. Since the age of maybe 12, or 13, I have never worn another brand of shoe. Anything else ever tried is similar to shoving your foot in a memory foam mattress. No, thank you. I'll take comfort instead over 'proper' any day of the week.

Converse are also the best for musicians -

Another reason why I will never stop wearing converse high tops is actually closely intertwined with musicianship. A lot of folks play barefoot. I always felt like a dirty hippie playing with no shoes on. It also made the bass drum strikes a lot more insignificant, lacking power. Obviously, Converce were the obvious option, since its like being barefoot with a thick-ass layer of rubber underneath. It gave that pop to the timbre of the drum and I was sold from there.

"Professionalism" - Converse has your back there too

Upon reaching 'adulthood' one would assume the Converse phase was over. WRONG!!!! For the longest time (I think they may be discontinued these days) they sold Chucks that looked exactly like dress shoes. Only a very close look revealed the switcheroo I was pulling. So, I hate math but here's an equation you should consider applying to your life as a whole - Shiny, suede Converse + Job Interview = Adulting. Simple, really, when you think about it.

This Article's Real Purpose -

Okay, this article is factual in the sense that I do genuinely love Converse Shoes as much as discussed throughout this rant. However, if you care to know the real reason... This article is somewhat of an experiment. While I do not sell anything on this site (Thus why I could give a fuck less about conversion), there are ways to draw attention to your site from Google. One of my largest 'keyword competitors' is actually Converse, believe it or not.


Makes sense; ChuckW, Chucks - Easy association. So, one day I had a shower thought - What if I were to try writing an article where I utilize their most common keywords for the sake of popping up coincidentally when someone's hunting for sneakers? What the hell, right? So, here you go - My attempt at a little experiment is finally revealed. I do hope you enjoyed reading about sneakers on my site, though, as humorous and off-base as that may be, ha-ha. If you wish to keep on a-rockin' and a-rollin' I don't wish to stop you, so please feel welcome to poke around the site and contact me if you like.