The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a glorious collection that takes you on a travel through time and across the World. Sociology is defined there through the art found across cultures. Recently, the musical instrument wing had been closed for a very long time due to renovation. However, the renovation’s over and The Met has come roaring back into action with a massive exhibit on rock and roll, featuring instruments used by everyone you can think of. I cannot recommend taking the trek if you have the means. It was utterly striking. Just make sure you’re not the jerk taking advantage of the suggested donation entry to mean it’s free!

Lots of Guitars

I feel almost as if Bass players and Drummers got a little left out because of the behemoth amount of gear they housed for legendary Guitarists. This was my favorite case throughout the exhibit, though –

Can’t complain about drum sets – got to see Ringo’s and Keith Moon’s –

Anyway, I was talking about Guitars. Check out this shard of a piece of a smashed Jimi Hendrix guitar from a 1967 gig where he annihilated the thing and, if I’m not mistaken, lit it on fire (fact check please?) –

The Coup de Gras

They just happened to have had Joe Strummer’s guitar on display. After tossing some teenagers to the side, I quickly stepped in front of the case and stood in awe. The thing’s beat to shit, covered in dust, missing bolts and the strap was duct taped to the instrument. It may have been the most beautiful thing I saw all day –

Monolithic Synthesizers

You can probably guess where I was keeping a special eyeball out. Doing so did not disappoint –

There was a freaking ARP 2600…

Wendy Carlos’ insane workstation where she developed Switched on Bach –

In Summary

Don’t miss this exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It runs until 10/1/19. You WILL regret not going.

Have you been? Planning to go? Let me know in the comments below and, as always, keep on rockin’ and rollin’.