What is the Electronic Curiosity Collective you speak of?

The Electronic Curiosity Collective is an extraordinary group of indie musicians and indie artists assembling for all the right reasons; Umm, because...

Old Synth

The Early Days

I first had the pleasure of meeting Shelf Black through a failed Discord attempt of mine a few years ago. If memory serves me correct, there was a post I'd made on Reddit about trying to assemble for the purpose of discussing gear, synths and promotion that drew his initial attention.

With his extremely kind nature and affinity towards electronic music and synths, we became quick friends and it was apparent his goals aligned with the core values of this website perfectly. He just wanted to bring musicians together for the sake of having us in one central location. We both were seeking the same thing; To explore independent unsigned artists.


If you Build it, They will Come

Yes, I'm aware that header is a quote from a 1989 movie about baseball starring Kevin Costner. However, it rings just as true here. Through boat loads of contacts drummed up via Shelf Black's diligent Instagram efforts, we took to Discord once more.

How Far We've Come Together

Presently (correct me if I'm wrong here guys and gals) the Electronic Curiosity Collective stands approximately 76 members strong. There are loads of other folks banging at the gates for when submissions open up once more.

Truly Independent

I don't believe any members are signed to major labels. Meaning, we're all hustling our material on various streaming services. As anyone who has attempted this knows, it's far from easy. The music is the easy part. The difficult part comes after release and you'll never find a more receptive batch of folks, happy to listen to your material, so long as you're kind enough to return the favor.

But... How??

Why the demand?

The answer is that we are extremely fortunate. The crew we've assembled are active, social and damn talented. It's really a treasure trove of resources and knowledgeable people, happy to guide any others in need. In the competitive world of being an independent musician during the twenty first century, they provide one thing rock and roll has seemed to let fall by the way side, compassion.

It's a breath of fresh air..

.. Being part of this hand picked community of like-minded independent artists. It's not entirely about who loves music. We chat about everything like family. From trials and personal tribulations, to movies and TV, record labels, music streaming, social media and where we have previously found successes as well as failures.

The Electronic Curiosity Collective

The E.C.C. is Essentially a Model of Communism that Won't Fail for the Reasons it doesn't work as a Political Agenda

This Collective is certainly party to what continues to give me even the slightest of hopes for humanity and society as we know it. Posting the most random of song skeletons will yield genuine, non-condescending and useful feedback. I can obtain the satisfaction that educating others gives me thanks to this forum. I have the opportunity to converse with people all over the world now.

Plus, we do cool shit!

With monthly challenges, we keep the community tight and connected. We hope to plan a physical meetup sometime in 2020. And, really, we can do whatever the hell else we want. It's our server. We can take it in any direction that strikes our fancy. This open minded approach keeps things lively and forever evolving.

Don't be a Dick
No douche bags

In Addition -

We autonomously ensure that there is no hate speech, shit posting or bullying just because "you've been playing for twenty years longer" than the other guy. The Admins can't always be there, but are confident that the core tenets of the golden rule will be in effect 24x7.

Maintaining what we Have

It was hard to cultivate such a dedicated crew and I don't believe any one involved wants to see a bunch of slackers, dicking around offensively and speaking ill of one another. It's not hard to not be an asshole.

In Summary

Truly, it's an honor having an opportunity to be part of this whacky shindig we have going on. It's a place to vent to kind and caring people. We all kind of check in on one another after a long work day, just to say hi, if nothing else.

Music Online

While I've never met another member in the flesh, everyone is candid enough that I can honestly consider them genuine friends. There's no B.S. among us and we plan to keep it that way. The Electronic Curiosity Collective is the perfect combination of music and life, with a twinge of the avant garde. It's a safe place to discuss, without judgement, music online.

Now that is a rough thing to find

I'm sure everyone here has, at one time or another, posed an innocuous question on Reddit only to be flooded with replies that are nothing more than shit posts. It is my hope and mission that no one will ever have to have a 'side-chat' with someone simply because they had a query.

 E.C.C. Out!

As mentioned above, submissions are presently closed for the E.C.C. However! Do not be dissuaded. They'll be open again soon enough, I'm sure.

What can I do now? You may be asking yourselves..

Chat us up! We're super nice, I promise. After we get to start knowing one another be sure to start using and following the #electroniccuriositycollective Instagram hashtag. Once we come to the realization you're not a douche bag and take music seriously, you're on the list!