Film – Despite my passion for music I did go to College for Film. It holds a special place for me. You’ll find that I host articles about film time to time.

The visual medium is a really powerful one and should never be ignored. Just because you’re supplying sensory overload by blasting out sweet tunes does not mean you’ve met your potential. Inherently, you’ve met only half your potential. You completely ignored another way to channel your message into the brains of your fans.

Don’t ever neglect this aspect because it will only help you. Why do you think people still shoot music videos? Keep in mind I say this in an age where YouTube is the only logical platform to bother creating a music video for.

Now, that’s only my opinion but it’s not far from the absolute truth. People will take in what you present them aurally with more attention and focus if you provide them a visual aid. This visual aid not only brings the audience in, it piques their interest and allows them to shut off other common distractions.


My Favorite Film

My favorite film is Trainspotting. An anarchistic tale about Scots, Drugs and life in the 1980's, Trainspotting is a must-see with a lot more to say than it may seem.