Synth Redneck’s an awesome dude who embodies what this site is about. He runs his own weekly video series, intended solely to provide exposure to Synthesists that would otherwise have a difficult time getting their material out there.

We got to chatting and thought posting his show in as many places as possible is never a bad idea. For that reason, I invited him to host his show on my page and he was happy to oblige.

Please check out SR weekly below and feel free to get hold of us if there’s material you’d like to see featured on the show. Enjoy!

P.S. – If you are an Electronic Musician of any sort who would like to be featured on the show going forward, we’d be glad to have you! Just please be sure to fill out this form.


Episode 1

Featuring: Turbo Vice, Cyber Shaman, Eric C. Powell, Levinski, Synthwave Redneck, Sentiment Music, and As_Is.


Episode 2

Featuring: Tom Selica, Dark Smoke Signals, Darwinmcd, DepthCruiser, Contre-Attaque, Endemico, and North Innsbruck.


Episode 3

Featuring: HUBRID AND BUTTOGH, Miles Matrix, Alpha Chrome Yayo, Eyeshadow 2600 FM, Andante, Retro Reverb Records, and Lord Nikon.


Episode 4

Featuring: Millennium Falck, Dark Side of Synth, Ace Buchanon, Us3r, The L22, Suriken Sun, and MDA.


Episode 5

Featuring: Amphlux, ByteMapper, Cat Temper, Terrordyne, Famished For Blonds, Endless Noir, and Sounds of Color.


Episode 6

Featuring: Nathaniel Wyvern, System96, Leifendeth, ALPHABOT, DJ Cro-G, Jake C., and Das Cät.


Episode 7

Featuring: Neonian, Berkhouse Snyder, Heart Beat Hero, New Speak 84, Wav-Dr. and Bonnie Legion, M. K. Khan, and Very Brave Men.


For the sake of saving you folks’ time on page loading, I’m going to split these into separate pages. See links below please.


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Episode 17 -22 > > >