Synth Redneck’s ‘Synth Weekly’ Pg 3

Episode 17

Featuring: The Less Dead, Limited Past, Into the Blood, Sapphira Vee, GhostHost, ROOTMITTEN, and Neon Asteroid.


Episode 18

Featuring: NETRVNNER, Jamè, Dark Side of Synth, MrGamer, Chuck W., Blume, and Arctic Mega Defender.


Episode 19:

Featuring: Ace Buchannon, Weelee, Blaze of Gunfire, Ty Vincent Fortin, BETTOGH, The Fair Attempts, and Dan Fur.


Episode 20

Featuring: Alterity, Night Rider 87, Jeff McCall, HeartBeatHero, Must End , North Innsbruck, and Miles Matrix.


Episode 21

Featuring: Memory Future , 1 Of 4, Neontenic, Terrordyne, ELECTRIC MOUV, Brian Sangmeister, and Flamingo Jones.


Episode 22

Featuring: Buzzing Sound Candy, Leifendeth, Transpacifica, Frisky Monkey, Ethereal Delusions, and Ghostfeeder.




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