Synth Redneck’s ‘Synth Weekly’ Pg 2

Episode 8

Featuring: Neonian, Berkhouse Snyder, Heart Beat Hero, New Speak 84, Wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion, M.K. Khan, and Very Brave Men


Episode 9:

Featuring: Wraithwalker, Buzzing Sound Candy, Lights A.M., The Grey Disorder, Neon Arcadia w/Megan McDuffee, Marcenby, and Jessi Frey.


Episode 10

Featuring: ShelfBlack, See Thomas Howl, Ampholyte., Cœur, Hexxagram, Michael Maurice, and Bangulo.


Episode 11

Featuring: Soundengine, The Affirmation, ØM-53, Honey Beard, FromNostalgia, Neon Asteroid, and DXO.


Episode 12

Featuring: K Michael Joseph Music, Softcore Express Featureing Polette, MOTIV, SHEDIZER, NoHealer, and Istanbul Hippodrome.


Episode 13

Featuring: Valley of the Crow, Full Eclipse, MemeBrane, Debby Grupp, Chris Keya, Efilheim, and Fonz Tramontano.


Episode 14

Featuring: Lance Haynie, Iterations, Turbo Vice, Mirrorvoid, Angst Athens, DepthCruiser, and Endemico.


Episode 15

Featuring: Jessie Frey, Burial Grid, Canal Pop, Fighter Jets, Levinsky, Eli Raybon, and Nanoverse.


Episode 16

Featuring: Alpha Chrome Yayo, Miles Matrix, The Goondock Saint, Dark Smoke Signal, Diamond Field + Bob Haro, Melodywhore, and Saros-FM.



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