Soundcloud Repost Exchange

SoundCloud Repost Exchange – An App that will change your audience base on SoundCloud forever. And not with freakin’ bots.

The Platform

SoundCloud repost exchange is a person to person, artist to artist, repost platform. You end up earning ‘tickets’ for listening to other artists’posted material. These tickets can be traded for a possible listing on a more prominent users playlist. Never a bad thing! Of course, there’s no promises they will re post you, since the last call is made by the person themselves. But, hey, never hurts to shoot for the moon, right?


The tickets can also be used to run a ‘campaign’ on one of your tracks. I cannot say that I am 100% clear on how the campaign’s actually work, other than I know it has boosted the listening of those particular tracks massively during personal, active campaigns.

Peer Review

People will also send their track to you for review. You have the chance to post it or pass on it. If you’re like me, you just post and post with no discretion, to build my fanbase. I can confidently say probably 80 precent of my SoundCloud traffic comes from this app and the advantages it affords me.


What’s really neat about the platform is that the artist can choose to incentivize your listen by opening the door to constructive criticism. Now, there are rules about being petty and rude, so you can’t just call every song a piece of shit, but it does force you to actually listen to other people’s material. You have to put thought and care into your reply before just shipping it off. It will show on SoundCloud as well, so follow the golden rule and don’t be a dick.

Oh, wait, did I tell you the best part? It’s free (for the most part)! You can choose to buy tickets, if you like. They don’t come cheap, so that’s a natural built-in deterrent. One can always just wait it out and more tickets will arrive.

Keep in mind, there is a 10 repost per day rule. This is unless someone specifically requests you listen to their track. In which case, you may run the chance of reposting 12-15/day.

Give it a whirl! It’s quite the interesting little idea!