This Tuesday, 2/11/2020, Small World Enters Your World!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, kind words and awesome attitudes along the path to this point with "Small World." So, I'd like to release the artwork on the site for your perusal. I wanted to send this out to everyone in an email. I do have the PDF. Merely ask and I'm happy to forward. Please enjoy the artwork!

Chuck W. Presents "Small World"

That's the Cover ^^^ :) ^^^ I didn't make it.

That's the Cover ^^^ :) ^^^ I didn't make it.

The Only Band That Matters:

The Only Band That Matters:

It's a Hell Of A Ride With No Seatbelts. Still Wish To Hop In?

It's a Hell Of A Ride With No Seatbelts. Still Wish To Hop In?

I'd be remiss to not pay tribute where it were due. The Crew of Strummer, Simonon, Jones and Headon happens to be the iteration I'd like to pay homage to. Do you ever wonder, as an artist, why the hell we do what we do to ourselves in order to generate our product? If you'd like an example, it's staring you right in the face - The Clash. An omnipotent crew whose brashness never failed to resonate. As weird as it sounds, you'll find their influences very much present in my experimental and electronic music. Thank YOY, Gents, for never resting on your laurels, being open enough to make whatever style of music they wish, doing it every stinkin' god damn day and never apologizing for a fucking thing. I'm not sure if there's a term for it, but I'm coining it now in Their honor - Long live the age of 'Punk-Synth'!!

"If I had five million pounds I'd start a radio station because something needs to be done. It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear something that didn't make you feel like smashing up the kitchen and strangling the cat." - Joe Strummer - RIP - 1952-2002.

Without Further Bullshit, I Present To You, "Small World."


Everything Is Tolerable!

Fakin' It!


Can You Smell My Hair's On Fire?

Take A Few And Call Me In Two Months.


Get On With It

My Head Is Swimming

Grasping At Straws

Don't b Scrrrrrd

0 2 60 2 6

I Almost Went Outside Today

How Many Times Do I Gotta Tell Ya? Vers. 2


Ladies And Gentlemen: You Don’t Have To Go Home .. But You Probably Never Left. So, I Thank You. From MY Small World to YOUR Small World

Listen to Small World, or I Crush You.