Since the whole concept of this site is to provide a platform for artists to help fellow artists, there is nearly an obligation to have and share a resources page. So, I went with what I know best; music. That’s not to say that this page is to be used exclusively for musical resources. I’m merely trying to ask for a bit of assistance. What do you know best and what are some resources you would like to see on this page which will benefit the community as a whole?

Below, I will list as many resources as I can think of. If there are any resources you would wish to see added, please just let me know. Always looking to bulk up this section as much as possible. I can’t do that all by myself! You folks will inevitably know of various resources which I have failed to list here.

Here is what a group of Synthesists submitted as their college thesis. It is on how one would build a Synthesizer, if so inclined. Be sure to give it a look:

Of course there is always Loopop’s Youtube Channel which I KNOW you folks will find very, very handy –

In my opinion, this is the best free service out there to post your material freely and easily, all while seeking exposure actively –

The easiest platform for releasing your material onto Spotify, which is a royal pain in the ass, if you’ve never tried (it’s free, by the way).

Here’s some notes of mine, taken from a master class specifically focused on Logic ProX (work in progress but covers lots of ground already)

A veritable butt load of sheet music (many with tabs as well) I’ve acquired through out the years, which I would love to share with the masses (what is posted is mostly alternative music, with some tiny bits of pop sprinkled through out) –

Sound on Sound’s ‘Synth Secrets’ – Everything you need to know about how a synthesizer works in a collection of articles totaling to a mere 340 pages (Don’t worry – You’ve got this) –

Wait?! There’s More Resources?? Yup – They are conveniently placed just below for your perusing leisure – Read on to Rock on!

Here is a copy of a book on circuit bending for those interested, written by the godfather of the art, Rheed Ghazala –

I highly recommend’s pay service for a ‘library pass’. This is coming from someone who refuses to have the pay service for 98% of the services he uses. However, they swayed me with their plethora of educational material. This website has lessons on everything musically imaginable. From DAWs, to Music Theory, to Hardware and way, way beyond. I actually wrote an article on the service here. You can give it a try via the link just below

Really goes without saying, but use REDDIT. The thing is a damn encyclopedia on every random thought youve ever had. Most of what I learned that required research stemmed from curiosity borne from a Reddit article. It’s not just for pervs and weirdos anymore! I mean, they are still there, but you just ignore them. Some useful subreddits include r/Synthesizer and r/WeAreTheMusicMakers

The book listed below is a fantastic read for any modular folks out there, regardless of skill level (and in this arena I have none, so you will certainly enjoy it). This book covers a wide variety of material, from what to buy, when to buy it, and interviews with prominent modular musicians –

A fun little toy for your phone. Not even on the same spectrum of being as good as Caustic, but still. . . It is really good for experimenting with various chord progressions when just starting work on a tune –

Interested in controlling your analog gear through your computer and modulate from both locations? This standalone application does a ton of stuff like that, and more (for only 20 bucks!) Now, if only I could fully figure it out!

Super awesome tuning app for your phone. Available, I think (?) on iPhone and most certainly from the Google play store  – it’s a hell of a tuner and you will never be left digging through your gig bag for that tiny rectangular shaped device anymore. Now, it’s just a pockets length away –

A SICK VST that allows you to run a modular synthesizer on your regular old computer. I actually wrote a piece on this software. Check that out here.

Got Resource ideas? I know you have something up that sleeve of yours! Stop being selfish and keeping it all to yourself! To atone for this sin of secrecy please be sure to add as many resources as you can dream up within the comments section below and I’ll be happy to add them to this page (and, obviously, give you credit for the find). In fact I don’t just want them, I need them! So help a guy out, will ya? And always, ALWAYS Keep on rockin’ and rollin’