Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP Press Page

“I Had Frankly Grown Sick Of My Own Negativity…”

– – Chuck W.
Chuck W. | Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism DB

Oh, and this .. This .. Err .. Is Our … New. Friend.

Say hi to D.B. The Dust Bunny Folks!!!

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Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism


Yes, er… As … My …  Associate, D.B., the Dust Bunny, was stating – This E.P. came out May, 2020. You’ll come to like D.B. Please know, though, that out the gate – He’s a bit much to handle. 

Chuck W. | HMDBC EP Cover
Chuck W. Queens Studio

Directly (OK, 6 weeks following) the release of his second LP, Small World, Chuck W. got crackin’ on new material once more. There was no rush, just a desire. Feeling under the gun from yet even further bad personal news, there weren’t many outlets to turn to other than my laptop. That is one of the chief reasons this EP is entirely softsynth. It’s because the EP was born of the desire to create, but the lack motivation made it difficult to even consider a new cut with hardware. 

Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism Press: Sitting At His Laptop . .

For only about ten days, all five songs spewed forth. They were listened to at most twice before being sent off for mastering. This was done on purpose. The tracks would not receive too much interference from my own mindset and once it was out of my hands there was only so much I could edit from that distance. One major goal was shoot from the hip and think later.

The other major goal was to create a ‘happy’ album. With Small World  being the most messed up thing I foresaw every coming forth from my fingertips, I didn’t wish to repeat myself. I had frankly grown sick of my own negativity.

Despite best efforts, some of the doom and gloom inevitably crept in thanks to the pesky sub-conscious. While I may call this a ‘happy’ album, I can easily see how that would not be the perception of the listener. Either way, I do hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome!

Chuck W. | Heavy
Chuck W. | Metal
Chuck W. | Dust
Chuck W. | Bunny
Chuck W. | Cynicism

Press For Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism 

  • Entire EP featured on Indie City Radio as part of their ‘Full Album Fridays’ series.

  • Music was commissioned to be turned into an experimental film by Show Runner of British Radio program, ‘Dark Train,’ Kate Bosworth.

  • Featured for the song ‘Metal’ on Scottish radio program ‘The Magic Window‘, which airs thanks to the station Mad Wasp Radio.

  • Instagram Influencer @music.trails shouted out some D.B. The Dust Bunny Love.

  • UpstreamIndie.com approached me for an interview regarding this EP and a label I was attempting to start at the time. 

  • Phantom Circuit Radio humbled me with a feature on episode 303, ‘Lucid Riddles’. This was such an honor and a pleasure, as this show is a benchmark all casts wish they could be; Devoted, eclectic, strong underground base and very eclectic programming. I thank Phantom Circuit again!

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