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Press Pages – To make things easy, you will find links to the individual press pages for each release on this ‘central hub’ page. This central hub location contains press information for each of my five solo ‘official’ works. From beginning of this ‘Chuck W.’ project to the very present day. Works with press information worth knowing about within my catalog go by these titles:

Chuck W. | Press Pages

Chuck W. | Get Your Shit Together!
Chuck W. | Press Pages Small World Cover
Chuck W. | Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP Cover
Chuck W. | HMDBCII Cover
Chuck W. | A Tense Stroll In The Park EP Cover
Anxiety Rock

Get Your Shit Together! [Experimental Electronic 2019]

Small World [Experimental Electronic 2020]

Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP [Experimental Electronic, 2020]

HMDBC II [Experimental Electronic, 2020]

A Tense Stroll In The Park EP [Experimental Electronic, 2020]

Anxiety Rock [Experimental Electronic, 2021]

Each Of These Records, While Instrumental, Have A Lot To Say For Themselves.

Get Your Shit Together! Follows a curious mind through insurmountable and quizzical events.

Small World all but predicted Coronavirus, with its notions of agoraphobia, xenophobia and claustrophobia.

Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP was a conscious effort to break from my own norm. I achieved this by writing the full EP within the Arturia Software Collection in a single week. Not one hardware synth is heard on this EP.

HMDBCII may share likeness with the EP of virtually the same name. HMDBCII is different from previous releases for completely obvious reasons. The difference is that whereas ‘Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP’ was composed entirely on computer software, HMDBCII experienced the opposite, since I wrote it front to back on all hardware, analog, semi-modular synthesizers. No software was used.

And Then!

We have A Tense Stroll In The Park EP. This EP is a pleasant mix of hardware and software. That’s besides an attempt to make a go at a brighter timbre. Even with trying to sound brighter, my natural ability to make music sound weirder kicks in here and there. I think you’ll find the results most interesting. 

Also, while a press page for each is yet to be written, please be aware of my ‘Song in Every Six Series.’ Within this exploration of sound every 45 days, I go to the trouble to release a full-fledged single. A good song, with a solid tune, that contains a good mix job. In turn, it will have an awesome master, since Dan Fur will be doing it. 

Why every 45?

The reason is two-fold

One is to pose a challenge to myself. It’s not always easy to pull off at this frequency, but always worth it.

Two is in order to challenge Spotify of CEO and ‘Man who wishes he was as likeable as the My Pillow Guy’, Daniel Ek. In recent statements (I’m paraphrasing because last thing I need is Daniel Ek quotes showing in my news feed), Ek has said, “If Artists think they can release every few years and still make a splash they’re plain wrong.”

Okay, Fancy Pants. Challenge Accepted! Let’s Do This! See You In 45 Days!

Thank you so much in advance for ANY listens and giving a look to the press pages. Please know that one moment of you listening is enough reason to keep on doing this another million years. So it bears repeating, THANK YOU!!!

If you are a member of the press, represent a media outlet, blog, playlist or radio station, please get hold of me for any serious press inquiries. I’ll be more than happy to answer!

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