I Shall Take my Business Elsewhere . .

This can’t be new . .

No matter how much I might like to think I’m cool, I understand I’m a shiftless, increasingly elder individual. Possibly the only ’21st’ century thing I do is use Instagram. I’m not exactly hip to all the jives turkeying. The jitters bug which way these days again, Boss? .. Yeah, depressing and soul crushing as that was to say, I did say it. But, I think I’ve made my point there clearly enough.


Anyway, I’ve always been a large proponent of Instagram for self promotion purposes. It’s a marvel for waaaaay short term marketing goals. I reach a fan-base, which I can help sculpt if careful, and everyone’s super nice all the time? Hell yeah! Sign me up. I want that as my long term LIFE plan, forget marketing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a FANTASTIC application and it’s not like I could make something better, so who am I to say, really? That being the case though, I have a major gripe with Instagram at the moment, which I will elaborate on below.

First, I will continue to praise the platform’s positive attributes, as there are many. I’ve met a lot of really interesting people from all over the world thanks to it. I’m still an avid user of it. I don’t plan on ‘quitting social media’ here. Setting up to record really could not be much more simple. Hit a few buttons and you’re live. Pretty excellent.


As a “cutting edge” artist, or someone who rather prefers to not be caught with his pants down, I think I’m just about done with Instagram. I find myself drifting further and further away from logging in daily. Despite the icon staring me right in the face via my phone’s home-screen. From a business standpoint, and standalone artist, their model is tailored to screw you.

Allow me to explain where all this frustration stems from – I got all mixed up in this when one day I got to jamming, as I’m often known to do. It was a rather neat little ditty I whipped up on IG live. Cool, a few people watched. It was a very chill session. One I’d have loved to have hosted here – if only I could.


Apparently, this stuff just goes into the damn ether when you hit record and nothing short of skynet is holding your goofy little tune. I say this because in about 4-6 hours of research, I was still no further than when I started – How the FUCK do I download my own recorded material from this platform? If the content you just created isn’t ‘yours’, than why do we fork it over to them with such little thought? We might as well surrender to the robots now, people! It seems like nothing more than something done to inconvenience the end user and is obvious to anyone on their platform: let me download what I just wrote!

User Experience

This may be a complete 180 as far as my approach thus far, but I think I might begin recording all live sessions going forward direct to YouTube and circumventing IG entirely. Shit, if YouTube can deliver, I’ll be happy to post links to me jamming live on YouTube to all my Instagram followers and they can just bounce over to YouTube. Obviously, I need to investigate further before making such a bold decision but, it’s a simple request – I’ve got a camera. It’s gonna film. Who wants to ultimately make my user experience better?

Another ‘But’ Effs it all Up

Ah, smart guy. Sooooo clever with his YouTube’s and what have you’s. Think you can just switch on us like that? Well, simply put, you can’t. These morons at YouTube now require you to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers before permitting live-steaming. Essentially, killing the core basis of what YouTube was founded on, and handing this business model over to Instagram on a silver platter. This was the only real thing YouTube had on them, till shooting themselves unceremoniously in their own foot. This is only disadvantageous for the truly underground artists. I have nearly 600 IG followers, compared with the 200 I had in December. I have owned my YouTube account since possibly age 13 and possess all of 19 followers. Indication? Getting subscribers on YouTube’s a bitch.


So what’s a Guy Left to do?

There’s some apps out there that come close to what I’m trying to achieve here. However, I do have this here website. I think the answer to my troubles is to host live streams here, using social media as a way of drawing in an audience, instead of being the chosen platform. Then, after I’ve ironed it out, I can help my fellow artists by offering the same opportunity, free of charge. I end up taking a loss, but that’s not the point. Again, and again, I cannot say it enough. That’s the basic tenet of this site as a whole. Offering help when able. Also, we can stick it to the Man just a twinge, and who doesn’t love to fucking do that?

If you at all agree with this rant of an article, join me! I’ll be happy to host your material. Leave me a comment below and, as always, keep on rockin’ and rollin’!