Pet Sematary (2019).

This is just my own personal opinion and as an art form, opinion regarding films are subjective. I just saw the movie and before I went into the theater I had heard so many great reviews about it. For that reason, I had a high expectation for it. Even if it is a remake.

Like most of King’s books. It’s better in the format of a novel or at best, a mini-series. It is nearly impossible to adapt his work into what is only an hour and a half long movie. The recent version of “IT” is an excellent example of that. So, I won’t compare the book to this movie.

That said, I think the 1989 version by Mary Lambert did it really well. The actors might not be that great, But you feel where they are coming from. You do care about them and you feel the tension, the lost that they went through and that unsettling atmosphere in the air through out the movie.

And the most important part . If you’ve seen the old version already you would’ve known whom I am talking about. The nightmare named “Zelda” .

In this version. Everything that has made Zelda so scary had almost gone completely. Whether it’s the overusing of the character. Or her appearance. (Side note , in the 1989 version. The role Zelda was played by a male actor which made her looks even more freakishly uncanny)

There are more stars power in this new version. Yet most of them were underutilized. John Lithgow gave you one of the best performance. But you won’t feel any depth of any character as you felt in the 1989 version. (And in my personal opinion, Jason Clark has always played the same character in every movies. As “Generic white male” .) And the ending. This ending made me yelled “what the heck “!! Out loud.

It made me feel like watching one of those forgettable Hollywood horror movies of these days. Nothing is special about it.

Is it a bad adaptation? Like I said it’s difficult to adapt King’s work.

Is it a bad remake ? No it’s definitely not. But to me it’s too generic and won’t leave you with the unnerving chill like the 1989 version. .