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Music by Chuck W.

Music Chuck W

Music by Chuck W.

Studio Releases:

Get Your Shit Together (2019)

My first album was mixed in one week after I was involved in an accident which nearly cost me my right arm. Instead of ‘taking it easy’ after being released from the hospital, I wrapped this first album as fast as I could and just kept going.

There was a hefty backlog of original material that sat across several external hard drives. There was always a plan to put out a solo album, but progress on sifting through and choosing ‘album-worthy’ melodies was slow to start. The future for my album did not look so bright.

Fast forward to the date of that motor vehicle collision, June 19th, 2019.

Car Accident

I was struck on my passenger side (and am grateful no one was traveling with me), which sent me spinning in a few circles. I narrowly missed heading directly into oncoming traffic.

As I sat in a dangerous situation I had no control over I didn’t panic as expected. All I kept thinking about was the huge amount of time I had spent recording and how no one would ever hear these tracks if I died right then. I was really bummed by this realization and knew only I could change my feelings on it.

Thankful for keeping all my fingers and toes attached, I called it Get Your Shit Together. Why? The answer is simple – Just as soon as I did get my shit together I was able to complete the album. The accident did not define the songs.

Press for ‘Get Your Shit Together!’

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Small World (2020)

My second album, Small World, is a bleak look at falling from grace with all the agoraphobia, xenophobia and claustrophobia one would be able to muster in kind. The music has most often been described to me sounding ‘anxious’.

Press for ‘Small World’

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Chuck W. | Small World W Globe
Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism (2020)

In 2020 I got very wrapped up in using the Arturia VST Collection to write fun music in something as simple as MIDI piano roll. So wrapped up in the concept, I wrote an entire EP featuring instrumentation developed only via this suite of software instruments and emulators.

Press For Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism

  • Entire EP featured on Indie City Radio as part of their ‘Full Album Fridays’ series.
  • Music was commissioned to be turned into an experimental film by Show Runner of British Radio program, ‘Dark Train,’ Kate Bosworth.
  • Featured for the song ‘Metal’ on Scottish radio program ‘The Magic Window’, which airs thanks to the station Mad Wasp Radio.
  • Instagram Influencer @music.trails shouted out some D.B. The Dust Bunny Love.
  • https://upstreamindie.com/chuck-w-interview/UpstreamIndie.com approached me for an interview regarding this EP and a label I was attempting to start at the time.
  • Phantom Circuit Radio humbled me with a feature on episode 303, ‘Lucid Riddles’. This was such an honor and a pleasure, as this show is a benchmark all casts wish they could be; Devoted, eclectic, strong underground base and very eclectic programming. I thank Phantom Circuit again!
HMDBC II (2020)

My fourth studio release is a follow up to it’s ‘all soft-synth’ produced predecessor. HMDBCII is a scathing and blistering synth-assault of music, creating noise only through hardware and outboard synthesizers.

Anxiety Rock (2021)

Featuring guest artists from around the World, Anxiety Rock, sports a collaboration with a wide array of musicians every other track. In a time of COVID lockdown, I wanted to go on a World Tour, of sorts. We managed pretty well given the circumstances!


Timekeepers (2021)

An EP about losing heroes you never met. Formative and famous people who were myths due to their virtuoso. The types you ‘grew up on’ that became so idyllic in your world, you were shocked at the lack of an outcry when the world, in turn, lost them.

Live Performances of original Chuck W. Music:

Palacio Palace – September 9, 2020
New York Modular Society – October, 2020

Performing as part of the New York Modular Society’s ‘Patchable Performers’ series.

NIVG.Net – June 23, 2022

There are also many more recordings of live Chuck W. performances available for watching whenever you like via my YouTube.

Chuck W. With Earth Modular Society 4.23.2021 is below

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