Anxiety Rock

Get Your Shit Together!

Experimental / Electronic (2019)

Get Your Shit Together! Cover

Track List 

1. Jazz For A Rainy Day

2. Monoarm

3. Microcassette 2

4. Kids Got Pipes - Live

5. Tribute To Delirium

6. All At Once 

7. Observation Of Obfuscation

8. Helicopter In My Head

9. Mars Attacks!

10. Thingamajig

My first self-released album was first placed onto Spotify and Bandcamp, July 2nd 2019.

Get Your Shit Together! Is an anti-music jaunt that displays both a curiosity and passion for Atonality as well as structure and melody.

Get Your Shit Together! is mixed dirty as hell and with a vast majority of tracks migrated and mutated from a phone app. Caustic App For Android. Hell of a program, that Caustic App for Android!

Flexing weird and lo-fi, this twitch inducing rant will split you ear to ear and still holds up to material produced today. 

This is the first music video created under this moniker/act. I certainly hope you enjoy this video for 'Kids Got Pipes - Live' and thanks for watching!

. . . And here's another one made by yours truly for the second single, Monoarm. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!!

Get Your Shit Together + Lumen

Visual effects created with Lumen App for Mac 

Small World Cover

Small World

Experimental / Electronic (2020)

Track List

1. Everything Is Tolerable 

2. Fakin' It

3. Claustrophobia

4. Can You Smell My Hair's On Fire?

5. Take A Few And Call Me In Two Months 

6. Agoraxenophobedelica

7. Get On With IT 

8. My Head Is Swimming 

9. Grasping At Straws

10. Don't b Scrrrrd

11. 0 2 60 2 6 

12. I Almost Went Outside Today

13. How Many Times Do I Gotta Tell Ye?

14. Conflicted

Master - Dan Fur 

Fakin' It  is the first single from my second self-released full length album, Small World. Fakin' It, with the help of some pitch bending and oddly placed brass, portrays what it is like to live in the modern day rat race. We smile, we work diligently, all while wearing a mask or suit daily. Hiding true emotions in favor of promotions. Just keep fakin' it til you make it, baby!

Then Small World was born into the public view on 2/10/2020.

My second LP is frankly fucked up.

I wanted it that way.

I wanted to give a perspective.

What it was like watching everything around you fall to shit.

It fell and fell, until eventually there was a bottom. That bottom was hit hard and scrambled your bits a tad.

How does one recover? Where from here? How are you all fucking it up so badly when I have only been out of the world for a short span of time? Who am I and, someone, please, remind me where I am again?! ... Good tunes, though!

It again contains a fair amount of Caustic app for Android, a real odd-ball Korg Volca Pack, some spiffy Mother 32 patches, and plenty of magic via the Moog dfam drum machine! Not to mention beasts like the Korg MS20Mini and Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer. All in addition to some good ol' microcassette tape loops, digital samples and re-dubbed magnetic tape!

The Second Single from Small World, Claustrophobia, does not exactly require explanation after all that you've read above regarding this album. Just watch the video above and I think you'll realize pretty quick the direction it's headed - Thanks and enjoy!

Small World Cover + Lumen

Visual Effects Created With Lumen App For Mac

Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism

Experimental / Electronic (2020)


Track List

1. Heavy 

2. Metal  

3. Dust 

4. Bunny

5. Cynicism

Master - Dan Fur 

Oh, right - This one - 

Released 5/27/2020, Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP, is the Chuck w attempt at a 'happy' record. I still contemplate whether I achieved that, but the result is a shift in approach that never forgets it's downright awkward preceding LP's. 

I could babble on and on about this EP, to be honest. It was a fun one and had a lot of moving parts for PR that made putting it out a lot of fun. 

This Chuck w EP may sound shiny and polished. As if crafted over a fair amount of time and careful construction. This could not be further from the truth. I happened upon the Arturia V7 Collection for Logic and found myself hooked to what it was capable of within that software's 'piano roll'.

Before I knew it, I'd tinkered for so many hours I had enough material assembled to release it. There was a moment of doubt and as soon as it presented itself, the stems to the 5 tracks had been sent off for Mastering, where they were safely out of my hands/endless tinkering and into those of Mr. Dan Fur, where I knew a solid job would be done. Also, once mastered there was no going back. I took a gamble on myself and am actually very happy with this EP's outcome.

Give it a listen! I can only hope you also enjoy!

The above video for 'Bunny'  is a trek down Synthwave lane. The song is not exactly Synthwave, though. Can't say it makes much sense but it sure is pretty to look at!!!


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Experimental / Electronic (2020)

Track List

1. Handclaps

2. Beeps and Bloops

3. Rockets

4. Twisting Up My Guts


5. Serious As A Heart Attack

6. It Makes Me Sick

7. Back N Forth

Master - Dan Fur 

HMDBCII marked my fourth release in 365 days, coming out very literally a year to the day since Get Your Shit Together! July 2, 2020 was when this next full length came to Spotify and Bandcamp. This record comes in fierce and never lets up, front-to-back. 

The idea came from an opposite vantage point then it's preceding EP. Whereas Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism is five tracks boasting the power of software Synthesizers, HMDBCII is it's evil twin. The LP sporting a lineup full of tracks constructed via hardware. 

The only software used on this was post production effects and balancing. Everything else heard is thanks to the following Synthesizers and hardware - 

Moog dfam drum machine (for that crisp Moog drum sound:), Moog Mother 32, AI006 from AI Synthesis, Behringer Stompbox Effects Pedals, Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer, Korg MS20MINI, and the Make Noise 0-Coast. Digital Interface; Motu 8 Pre. 2020 Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X 10.5. 


Visual Effect Created With Lumen App For Mac

HMDBCII Rear Cover

Rear, Hand-Drawn Cover For HMDBC II

The First single from HMDBCII is a track entitled Beeps and Bloops. The name is a pot-shot back at those who fail to recognize the ferocity or melodic capacities of a synth-driven act/album. 

There will be those in the world who try to minimize the efforts of a modern-day synthesist. More often than not, our material is referred to as noise, which I'm grateful to carry as a badge of my pride. However, referring to what I do, day after day,  working the parts over meticulously until a song is born as mere beeps and bloops is fairly insulting. 

This, being a Chuck w record though, laughs at this scorn by releasing a first single/video so relentlessly brutal on all senses I usually provide an epileptic's notice (no offense to those afflicted. It's very, very blinky so I'm actually being serious). Please enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

A Tense Stroll In The Park Cover

A Tense Stroll In The Park

Experimental / Electronic (2020)

1. A Tense Stroll In The Park

2. Stammering Right Along

3. Mario's Pissed

4. Sky's On Fire

Master - Dan Fur 


Visual Effect Created With Lumen App For Mac

Please enjoy this first video from A Tense Stroll In The Park, 'Stammering Right Along'. This video features powerful effects crafted with the application Lumen App, where one has the ability to simulate old school visual synthesis. It's a very interesting tool and I really like the outcomes I've seen so far. Can't wait to actually understand it further! For now, thank you so much for watching!!!

In this fifth release since July of last year, Chuck W. delivers a wide vision. A Tense Stroll In The Park is both completely on-brand with past oddities and froths with aspects of experimentation. At the same time, this EP is a maturation for the solo artist. More defined and structured. Music theory used by the dark side of the force.

In an effort very representative of the times,
A Tense Stroll In The Park is just that. A record whose paranoia pokes its head in when most unwelcome. Whilst having an otherwise upbeat and melodic aura surrounding it, the tension contained will fill to burst, only to release again into a barrage of synths, noise, ambience, horns, woodwinds and other instruments I have trouble pronouncing the name of.

Collaborative Works

I don't collaborate often, so when I do, I like to get it right. As in, only someone 6 time zones and an ocean away has really ever cut a single with me. That's why I'm so excited to share with you this work, created alongside brilliantly minded Danish Musician, Atlas Castle (Hint, hint, yes, the underline there IS a hyperlink to his web page. Excellent deduction!). Atlas Castle and I then had the joy of working with our awesome pal, GoryGloriana, for the video. AND THEN!!!! Just when you think we're through - In comes Bernardo San Rafael with his own unique, yet spot-on representation of the tune we'd titled, 'Anaesthesia'. I will happily link to everything mentioned and do yourself a favor - Follow these other artists. They are way more talented than me and it is always a blast speaking or working with them. Cheers everyone! Thanks and enjoy!

Anaesthesia Video
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