The Moog Werkstatt-01

The Affordable Moog That Also Packs A Wallop


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The Moog Werkstatt - 01

Moog Werkstatt-01

The Moog Werkstatt - 01 is a widespread re-issue of 2014's Moog fest 'build-your-own-Moog'. Six years after an extremely limited number of people had these, Moog has decided to take the idea and run with it. But how's it sound and function? Did Moog pull off a new run of Synths you can purchase for $200 USD which is worth it? And how is it freakin' $400 less than any of their closest standalone units? That last question is still most interesting in my opinion. But, please, read on to receive the full skinny on this Analog Synthesizer that will make the ground rumble. 

Moog Werkstatt-01

Full Disclaimer!

The Werkstatt does not require any ability to solder. I think that important to mention out the gate. I've got dexterity issues, so if this required me melting metal to board, I'd have to reluctantly decline. Fortunately, it caught my attention for its accessibility. Now, this is not to say I'm handy in any regard whatsoever. As soon as instructions got even somewhat complicated, I was extremely glad to have my Wife take the helm, because frankly she's better at that than me and I have no shame in saying so!!


I've only had it maybe 3 days but so far I love it and think it truly awesome. It's really intuitive and you'll be crafting interesting tunes pretty quick out the box. Notice I said pretty quick. Like all Moog synthesizers, you wont get it first try but it DOES click by third try. There's a tad bit of a learning curve but a little bit of interest and a whee bit of time will flatten that right out. 

Moog Werkstatt-01

The keyboard buttons on the bottom add a nice aesthetic and function. The black on black is interesting. I must admit, though, these buttons feel a little weak. We'll see just how long these plastic, tiny, fragile buttons last with regular use. My guess is not as long as if they had just used a regular old chunk of rubber like the Mother 32. But, hey, we'll see. Maybe they are made of some super experimental, adamantium-like substance making them indestructible. Time will tell.

Moog Finally Made A Smaller Modern Unit!

. . . And it could not have come soon enough! Placing my double synth mount for the DFAM and Mother on my lap was really starting to cut up my legs. So much jagged metal!

But, seriously, this is something 'more powerful' synths always seem to lack. You either have your gigantic, immovable and monolithic synths which are stationary, or we're looking at tinier synths when it comes to moving about (especially and speaking more towards analog. An electribe is not going to kill me to move room to room). This synth is lucky enough to boast both - portability and a punch. It was so pleasant the other day to simply remove it from the studio, plug in a solitary wire with some headphone and be jamming to a Moog sound while just watching TV.  

Jumper Cables - Tricky, But Hot Damn!

Only way to get er done here though is going, what i think is, against factory advice is a roundabout way of shoving the test lead in.  

Moog Werkstatt-01
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