Material both old and new:

Here you will find material spanning my synth travels over the (last couple of) years. Please feel free to leave me comments, requests for collaborating or hosting, or constructive criticisms in the comments section found at the bottom of this same page.

For the most part, this material was generated on the fly. At some point, I took my cables from the amp and slid them into my MOTU, slapping the resulting tracks promptly on to whatever forum will take them. Don’t get me wrong, I like to plan my tracks out and get as granular with them as possible just as much as the guy next to me. However, there’s a free and loose feeling to posting arbitrary, one-off jams. It gives me content which I could always re-visit or build upon. At the same time, I have something to put out there. Genuine material, made off the cuff, brain directly tied to gear and computer.

If you have liked what you’ve heard here and would like to commission any of my original material, please contact me directly via email to work something out. Thanks!

Weird Rack and Logic Combo

THAT Song from July ’18

Lots of Stuff


All 4

Sounds from Monday Night

Tribute to Delirium

Sounds from Monday Afternoon

The Comedown

Lying in the Fast Lane

Method on Parade

Drop Everything

Microcasette Recordings 2

Microcasette Snippets 1

Chordbot Random Musings

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Chill sequencing with a sprinkle of Noise dust

2 Volca Samples

An Odd Mixture of Sounds

New tripod!

Jamming While Sleeping

Taking the leap

Rock N Roll in a 3 Piece Suit..The Only Way

Silence Doesn’t Exist

Patches with Moog mother 32

Let’s get a daw up in here!

Beat from scratch. Volca sample

Thanks for contributing!!!!

Stay Tuned to this Page for more Material from Up and Comers, like Shelf Black!

I can’t get these stupid columns to align for some reason but the below video is new and pretty interesting. I’ve always had trouble with tripods and making videos where you can see what I’m doing. That stops now! Thanks to my handy dandy new phone and moto mod with 360 degree camera, I can now shoot in VR! If you watch the video below, be sure to mouse around to see the whole rig and what I’m playing.

Don’t be late to the party! Instead … Be, like . . Early . . Please feel free to send me submissions of any medium and I promise, you will always have a welcome home at Be it your mission to paint, write, code, play, or film – It is this website’s mission to bring Artists together. Your content and musings are welcome here without judgement. If someone does say something off-putting, I do reserve my right as site admin to ban your comment/post/bullying. So, there is no fear of reprisal – This is an open space; A blank canvas – Won’t you help me paint it?

Who knows? Maybe one day this page will even get genuine attention at one point. Won’t you just feel silly then?

I know I have how listed my contact information all over the stinkin’ place on this website. That said, I’m going to do it again:


I’ll stop short of posting my personal phone number on here, but outside of that I’ve provided every conceivable way which one can contact me. As I stated above, don’t be late to the party!

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H.o.l.y. S.h.i.t. – Do I have a blast from the past for all you folks out there –

First, a little back story. I began as a filmmaker in 2007 when I packed my stuff up headed towards Binghamton University. Previously I was a Music major and did not know square one about making a film. I just knew it was something that interested me. The first film I ever shot was in dedication to Radiohead’s haunting track Fitter Happier.

It’s a brief two minutes and I thought nothing of copyright infringement when posting it to YouTube. Well… They did. It got yanked once the video approached about 5,000 views and I was sent a cease and desist letter (which I believe I actually set on fire). All of this for my dumb little tribute video. Like a true dumb dumb, I had no backup copy of this video, thinking it was on YouTube so I was all good.

Fast forward to July 27, 2019 – I’m hunting an old external hard drive for a wholly non-related file when the Radiohead video catches my eye. NO FREAKIN’ WAY – There it is – I haven’t seen it in a decade but I’ll be damned, it’s right there. So, moral of the story is come at me YouTube, you got nothing on me now! Also, I do hope you enjoy the video, haha.