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Marketing Help? - Well, shit, there a ' int no Law against tryin' ! !

I'm not trained in any formal way ..

I'm just another Musician who kinda knows some Marketing tricks and I'd just like to share them with my lovely peers

/marketing-101. . But that's kinda what makes it cool, right? No BS here. You're learning straight from all the personal mistakes I've made as a jackass. Hopefully I can help you avoid one, or two of these pitfalls :)



Very Quick Pointers - 

1. - Before kicking off any long term campaign, always be sure to test said campaign to ensure it works within your Markets.

2. - Find your niche AS FAST POSSIBLE!!

3. - Be open-minded to goofballs ideas (For Ex., I've been utilizing Pinterest a lot. Pinterest, really? Yep.)

4. - If in your research you find a contact form of any sort, you are to stop and figure out some sort of way to shove SOME SORT of one of your links into said form.

5. - Probably the most important and simplest of all of them - Chat people up! Be genuine! The rest will come . . 


To Point One - Before you hit your magical automate button you need to make sure what you've set up WORKS. So, to determine if something works, WE TEST!! Same idea here - We're going to paint a giant swath, a lot of times Globally, to cover every last market available to us while slowly whittling out weak performances to determine your top priority market for your service offering. 

Once this is determined it actually makes a fantastic seqgue into pointer 2 - Well, how do I find my niche quick as able? Especially, if I don't fully know what is, or have all the data? Again, this right here is why we test. Eventually, after enough whittling, only a cursory glance will be required to remember just WHO it is you need to make sure you point your campaign efforts toward. 

To Point Three - Marketing is fluid and dynamic. It's a pair of obstacles that make this seemingly drawl topic worth exploring. Being that it's territory is forever changing, one must always be on their toes and receptive of whatever idea is thrown at them, no matter the lunacy of the request. This undoubtedly requires an open-mind and ability to shift focus of main priorities at a moment's notice, or you'll miss the boat. There's no good Marketers who go about missing the boat every time. Keep that one close to heart. 

To the Fourth Point - If you find a contact form that's essentially an open portal to the computer on the other side, you may want to clog that line with as many of your links as physically able, as if you were a family whose mailbox was full to burst from their two week vacation. Veritably anyone on that other side could be viewing it and there's no forecasting what their interests are. This is why you're going to, at least, give it a shot. If it lands, or doesn't, it's no sweat off your back and can prove fruitful..

To the Fifth and Most Important Aspect of Your Marketing Plan: You !!!

After all, it is yourself, your image and essence you are putting forth in the hopes of receiving a shiny new nickel. People tend to .... like nice people. So, be nice. And genuine. If you do that all the rest will fall in line for you. 

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