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Marketing 101: The Basics; You don't need your MBA to understand this, it's just tedious in nature.

First, you must be sure to 'Claim' your Artist Profile through This tells the Platform that at any point when your tune is being listened to it is tracked back to you for the purposes of remuneration. There IS no other choice but this to truly begin with. 


Oh, silly you, you think that by claiming the profile you can just upload? No, no, the cash grab is yet to truly pay you a visit.  


Define who your music is intended for before ever hitting that first note and stick to that messaging for recognition factor 

 Know what your realistic artist intentions are before hitting the stage and wear your identity on your sleeve to manifest an image  

 Be able to recite your artist bio in your sleep 

There's So Many Services Promising Me My Own Personal Island In The Bahamas If I just Give Them $12... What Do I Do?

First, don't pay the $12. Let's spare you that right from the outset. Any result from this, if any, will entirely be bullshit and a best case scenario is if they are bot-driven and give the illusion people are listening. Even if this illusion worked, it's not something you really want to be part of. It's a non-sustainable model. Even if you get 10,000 'listens' in a day, that will slowly dwindle (because they were bot-driven so they made the effort only one time) and you're in same spot but $$XX more in the red. You need real listens from real people, who care about music and, dare I say it, make the attempt to look you up and actually listen to you. You're seeking sustainability, not a one-night stand. 

How do I know who to trust?

Listen, if I'm being 100% honest, I'm not the sharpest knife in the entire drawer. I make mistakes but the important part is to learn from them. That said, I've gone, "Oooh shiny," enough times to know for sure who the total fraudsters are, who might be okay and one's I'd trust with my transplant liver. To save your wallet, I'd love to list various services here, explain them and you make your own determination like an adult as to whether you do it or not. I don't recommend ANY of these, do your own research since my music is different from yours - this is merely intended to be a general guide, not Gospel 


  • Playlist Push - They market very well in order to seem legit. So, there's your first clue they may be full of it. When someone continuously argues for the fact they aren't bot-driven, why continuously bring it up? The owner does not listen to your concerns at all and actually will yell at you depending on if he is frustrated by your question (again, only speaking from my experience).
  • Spotify Ad Studio - Waaay too expensive for the artist on a budget. Most certainly designed for more advanced Marketers who know the Audience they wish to target already. Minimum price for a very short campaign is $250. I think among the campaigns I've run with them each has netted maybe 20 listens per, if I'm being generous. They ARE reputable, though. To their credit, there is no bait and switch here. 
  • All, and I mean ALL of Fiverr is shit and not to be trusted. Everything offered there is fake, bots or the work was performed at a click farm. Just. Trust. Me. 
  • If ever you are on social media, I would hope this is pretty common and not even musical knowledge, and are DM'd regarding promo, turn that person down and block them immediately. It is again .... Alas... Bullshit. 
  •  The ONLY guys in the game I've found to be completely straight-up and not full of shit ? Are, of course, not at all related to anything Spotify. Also, if you're going to use them you'd better have a thick skin because competition is FIERCE and decline notices are a fairly regular thing - I'm referring to, who is an A&R service out of NY. I could explain their whole deal here, but they do way better than I and their site is pretty handy on the resources too. Check them out. 
  • Submithub - Oh, the highly contested crusher of Dreams - Submithub. Their model, completely altruistic. The blogs, playlisters and whatever other idiot they scoop up as some sort of 'expert' completely shatter the principle. This is because people take this way too seriously and think they are the King and Queen of All Music. I've been a member there for years, paid out the nose to submit everywhere humanly possible. I believe I am somewhere around 200 submissions, of which THREE got the green light. It's not worth the money. Go around Submithub and just contact these places yourself. Just make sure you know how to write an engaging and professionally succinct email and you don't need to pay this middle man, no reason.
  • Omari MC - Somewhat new to the scene. Must be somewhat bot-driven because results populate a tad too quick. Price is nothing to write home about either. Honestly, I'd say skip 'em. 
  • Daimoon Media - Just look at that site. Yeah, don't buy there. 
  • Now, it's not all sadness and declines. That's only 98% of the time. There are some services out there I'd deem 'good eggs' - Let's discuss!
  • - A bit cumbersome but is actually free. Typically, will ask for a sub, a follow or listen before granting access to submission page. But it is legit. 
  • WorkHardPlaylistHard - Great Service, very similar to Soundplate

6/11/2020 - Just a few more tips as I'm sitting here, considering what to add. 


The imagery on your social media accounts should be uniform and reflect your current projects. You want to DRILL that messaging home much as possible.


Always dare to try something new with music marketing. There's no spot on way to do it so get inventive and creative. 


Hold merch contests to drive awareness about your brand and material. 


Personally, I always periodically enjoy just handing out little chachkies paid for from my own pocket to fans because small tokens like that really go far! It shows you care.

Do you really think that these mother fuckers just had the incredible scenes for which they were lucky enough to circulate fall in their god damn laps? NO! They Went Out! They Played Shows, Met People, Created Something!!!!