It's Out! Yay!!! 'Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism' EP Hit Stores today and I'm going to embed a player here - Most importantly, thank you to anyone who gives it a listen. It truly, truly does mean the world to me :)

Blog Is Starting To Finally Almost Seem Like A Blog Again, Huzzah!!!


Chuck W. began his musical endeavors at the age of eight, when his Mother literally found his first drum kit in the garbage. From there, he continued to study Percussion traditionally through College, where he ultimately received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinema Production from SUNY Binghamton. Forever changing his perception of sound, music and the overall ‘soundscape’.


Currently, he resides in Amityville, NY. His studio is his kitchen table, stacked with enough patch cords to reign in a full-grown Bull. He may be thirty-two now, but he’s only getting started. Building his catalog quickly, you can only expect to see more and more material crank out of that kitchen studio and if you like oddball material get in on the bandwagon early!

. . . And oh so much more. You may be asking yourself as David Byrne once said, “How did I Get Here?” To be honest, I’m not terribly sure what brought you here either. I try as far as SEO goes, so maybe that brought you here? However, I’m not very good at it so that being what landing you here is a 50-50 shot. Maybe you’re a Chuck W. fan, looking into myself further? Also, I’m inclined to assume that is not the case (at least yet I can hope). I’m guessing (?) you found this page because you were researching some gear or pop culture stuff that led you here.

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Here's the video for the final single off Small World, 'Get On With It.'