Chuck W. - HMDBC II

It's Here, It's Here !

It's Here, It's Here !

It was July 2, 2020

And I'd just received back the Masters to this record

Now What?


Well, after much serious consideration and probing other artists for their take on the idea, I surprise released the album. My thought was, "You've embraced Marketing and learned a heck of a lot, but is it DOING ANYTHING??" If I just let this loose into the World and it falls flat on its face, would marketing it a little bit better have had any affect at all? Too late anywho, because I just hit Publish. 

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Press Page For Chuck W.'s HMDBC II

It had been merely 5 weeks since completing the full on Media/Marketing/Annoy everyone you know blitz that was the typical approach employed to rope people in. One day, upon poking my head up from the laptop, the same a-ha moment occurred. The one where you say, "Dang. This thing is DONE." As is the usual approach these days, I fired an email off to Dan Fur to get those tracks mastered before I had too much time to think about them. 


The plan always was that the release following Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism One would be a sequel, or follow-up. It was an easy theme to envision and spark the creativity to get both records done in the style they were. Since the first EP had been all softsynths, why not make that follow-up all hardware? It was a simple notion but one that made logical sense and was easy to go along with. 


HMDBCII's rapid production schedule did not happen as swiftly as it may seem. I'm not going to neglect my monolithic, sculpture-worthy assembly of gear simply because my computer happened to be where the record I was working on at the present was housed. No way! I jammed just as much in that time frame on my gear as I did my computer, eventually one day connecting my interface to capture it. One day I got to chopping up these sessions into what would become known as HMDBCII. It was an anomaly, a one-off, that this material was ready and waiting to go. But I Just ran through a release budget, ugh. 


I consulted a few friends about repeating something done before; a surprise drop. No real marketing to follow. What stuck with me was the thought that this will show me who my real fans are. The numbers would inevitably go up at a point. As long as I didn't mind waiting, that is. 


Nope, I don't mind.