HMBDC Album Art!!! I Do Always Enjoy This One.. Maybe a Bit Too Much

Album Art Reveal!!

As Samuel L. Jackson one said in a Classic 1994 Film by Spielberg, developed from the Michael Crichton Book - -

"Better hold onto your butts . . . "

I Did A Thing!!!

Well, lookie that. This old, fat wastoid got some Press on his New EP and it was a breath of fresh air among all the fucking bullshit, so please read some kind words before, like the rest of us, you justifiably explode here

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I'm Not Above Sending It Pony Express, But Circumstances Being What They Are . .

Cover Art

Credit to Mr. Ryan Turgoose

I rather like this cover for it's jokey and hoakey nature. This is the least serious offering I yet have which is not completely sombre and heart-wrenching. 

For that reason, it only made sense that the cover art should match those more joke-laden, cartoonish ideas and check it's seriousness at the door. 

#1. - Heavy

Track 1.


Track art Digitally drawn by Chuck W. 

#2. - Metal

Track 2.


Track art Digitally drawn by Chuck W.

#3. - Dust

Track 3.


Track art Digitally drawn by Chuck W. 

#4 - Bunny

Track 4.

Bunny (First Single)

Track art Digitally drawn by Chuck W.

Music Video for First Single, 'Bunny.' All those fancy creative themes, the edit-y thingies and taking credit by Chuck W.

#5. - Cynicism

. . And That's A Wrap, Folks!