Interview With Gezvolt

Interview With Gezvolt is a pleasant sit down with a gentle Toronto-based Tech-House Record Label, who seems mild mannered - - All while melting your face clean off.


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Interview With Gezvolt!

Gezvolt is an interesting dude that Netvio yet again brought us together. It combined the styles of two artists who sound like polar opposites. However, conceptually, Gezvolt and I could not agree more on oh so many levels. Below we discuss approach, striving for success and staying realistic while doing so. You'd be surprised how much an Experimental-Electronic guy and Tech House DJ-Producer truly do have in common. Thus, my interest for conducting the interview in the first place, so without further adieu, please enjoy this quick chat Gezvolt of Gezvolt Records and being a pretty damn nice guy!


So, I want to make sure to thank you for your active participation in this crazy family we call Netvio. Now, I know you're a real effin busy guy. How have you persisted, among all the other shit on your plate, to remain so active on the group's discord? How has it been advantageous for you? 

G: Loving the chat and sections idea a lot. It allows us to reach all members in one click and that is great. Dedicated sections make it well organized and efficient. I'm actually adopting this family chat approach to my label and have a similar chat for Gezvolt Records artists.  

I like to ask real names vs. stage names at this point but clearly, like myself, you've headed that right off at this pass. Well done! And clever thinking... 

Gezvolt Records

Anywho, in ten words or less (since asking genres these days is sort of pointless), who IS Gezvolt? 

G: I would say Gezvolt is a tech house dj/producer, and a music lover that is happy to celebrate and share the joy of music with others.  ( I love the explanation but must point out this exceeds the character limit and can award no points ).

Now, I know you know this occurred, but not too long ago I gave my all towards getting a label started. I can say with near certainty I'll never make that mistake again. However, the role I ALWAYS enjoy most is DIRECTLY supporting the artist, like with what we're doing now. There were too many rules and everyone had to wear too many hats. It was mis managed but no one yielded my warning the train was headed off the rails till it was too late. 

Were you, let's say, "inconvenienced" by others same as laid out above. People telling you how to run your business but disappear real quick when the plan based off their ideas is implemented ? Do you other running the show, if so, why? 

G: Well i only opened my label to other artists in April 2020, so it is too early to celebrate anything. One thing I can say is that I have a vision and a plan for the label. When it comes to key business decisions regarding Gezvolt Records those will be made by me. I am not a fan of “too many cooks in the kitchen” effect. 


What's the current haps with your label? Insider info? Stock tips? 

G: Well lots of work ahead and I am excited! Short term plan is to find talented, tech house producers and sign up enough artists for 2020-2021 releases. In parallel, I am looking for a new distribution partner to strengthen the label.  

Note: To explore more of what Gezvolt's label has to offer you, be sure to visit their page at

Long term plan is to build a supportive community of artists. Imagine the Netvio network but it is my label - Wow, i can jump for joy when i just think about it :) but it is a lot of effort and time, so i am not counting on an overnight success here.  

Now, I happen to have found a wejrd fondness with music business later, way later, on. How long have you been A, playing and B, Working along side the business ends of the industry? 

G: About 4 years DJ'g, 3 years doing production, and since April I've taken on the label development role :)  


Which of all these roles do you prefer and why? 

G: I like it all…!!! DJ'g is so much fun. There's nothing like mixing and, in turn, discovering different music. Production is another pure joy of creation. I like to cause the something that makes others dance! Label is a brand creation and i am liking this challenge. The tech house community and supportive network that I will create following are A) Mine, I made them, and B), watching the energy that creates is circular, so I'll never be short on getting this energy back, and that's nothing short of great. You know how awesome it is to have Netvio family behind your back, no matter what? - - Fortunately I do. I ran a discord myself, developed by myself and best friend. It was some of the best times attempting to further my artistry online and, you're right, that support system of, "I'll effin' cut you if you mess with my boy," definitely doesn't hurt! I've never been so hurt then when it went kaput. 

What do you hate MOST about your label? 

G: That it's currently not generating enough money to buy a nice German car… lol  - - fucking perfect answer!!

What would you mark down as the biggest label success so far in this tiny life span? 

G: I have to say I have been fortunate with new artists. I already have two great DJs/producers signed (RodNot and Fabio C). I feel that is amazing for a newly born label, to sign artists that already have releases with other well known record labels. 


How did you find yourself diving deep into a tech house scene? 

G: I think the journey to the tech house community was about two years. First, I could not understand what music style I love and what music style I am capable of producing. There are simply too many sub-genres out there, so it is overwhelming at first. Slowly, I realized that I am in love with tech house. At that time, I also realized that my production skills were not there yet (to produce tech house tracks). However, understanding where to go is an essential first step in getting there :) - - and then, I was simply working on improving my production abilities to be able to create a tech house sound. 
Beyond that, there is always another level. There will always be someone better than you. You should strive to reach their level, surpass it and move on to the next talented level/individual. Improvement should never stop and that is the fun part of it. 

As you came up a bit and started performing some shows, how did you find yourself entrenched into the scenes that you were? 

G: It is always a lot of work to do live sets, but the energy is awesome! What I find is that smaller parties where you, as a DJ, should be reading everyone else's minds are the hardest. Those could start with plan A and then you see that it does not work so you have to switch and adjust your set on the go, which could be a bit stressful… Well, that is also where one will find another with true DJ skills, so a bit of a catch-22.

Now, I am not going to pretend that I am excellent at this; it is still challenging for me to change my set on the fly. I like to come prepared and usually plan my sets. Say i know i will go on decks 2-3 times and play for 1hr each time. I like to prep at least 3 sets 1.5hrs each. Now, if my whole plan goes out the window of course it is a bit of a challenge  

When you play at a venue or club with a known audience it is much easier. Like the set we did [for Netvio] on Sunday June 14, 2020. We all knew it was going to be a tech house set. So no one is going to ask to change my set on the fly and put on a bass house, for example. Sets like this where the audience knows what to expect are awesome.    

Gezvolt Records

Any words of wisdom from those days of yore you wish someone would have told you? 

G: Not yet. I think I am also just starting my music career. Even though I have my label, the fact that i, myself, am trying to make a name for myself along side them is kind of cool. It's understood we're all going to grind this one out to reach something truly unique in the end.
One thing I will say is that rejection simply means one needs to work harder and improve. If a label rejects your track today, all it means is that you are not there yet. A year from now that same label may be drooling about tracks of your type, and you've had only time to improve, making you all the more ready.   

How is it that you've come to join us in the Netvio family and which of the awesome benefits of being there are you digging the most ? 


G: I signed my track 'Rush Hour' with Brain Pain Records (BPR) and followed 59Perlen as he was a fellow BPR artist. I think as time went on, he saw that i am an ok dude :) and invited me to join Netvio. I have never been a part of any chat or a social group, so initially I had mixed feelings. Eventually I joined and was blown away by the support and love from this gang.  

My favorite sections are: 
General Chat: where we can go crazy and have random thoughts without judging  
New Releases: where we post all our releases to show support for our mates 
Music Feedback: use that for all my tracks to pick brains of our top producers and fix things that I missed 
Music Promotion Tips:  where we exchange super useful information and experience on promoting and getting our music heard 

I sometimes have a tendency to babble. I'll admit it. For that reason, I always try to pause to ask if there was anything you'd been considering discussing anything in particular, only for me to trample right on over it? Lol 

G: I can talk about my dog :) lol ... and then you jump on it.  ... Moving on, lol

When's the first official Gezvolt Records release making it to our ear holes? 

G: Excellent question! There's a track titled, 'Ecstasy' by RodNot that is dropping on Friday, June 26 Worldwide!  Shameless self promo time!!! Pre-save Ecstasy here.

if I was someone who like, had a job n shit, how can I best further help your cause at this point in time, either financially or through getting off my ass? 

G: I think by doing this interview and letting people know about my Gezvolt Records label you already did a lot and I really appreciate this, thank you!  

Gezvolt also wanted me to mention that if you think you have what it takes to ride along with him and the rest of his ever-expanding roster, you may want to first give a look here.- - I mean whose going to turn down the chance to audition for this face above ^^ ??

Aww, too kind in regards to helping the cause. As I tell everyone, I'm just a guy with a site, haha. Welp. That's about all the time Senor Gezvolt had time to spill the beans with regarding some exciting new endeavors of he's undertaking. For now, stay tuned because I can tell this guy has aces up his sleeves for miles, ain't going nowhere and probably some valuable ass lessons to teach/smoke all us fools. Hope you enjoyed and as always, keep on rockin n rollin'!

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