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Chuck W. Needs You To Contact Him!

It is not a strong desire for contact from this Chuck w. fella; He needs for you to contact him. It is not that he wants you to contact him. This is not a request by Chuck, asking you to contact him. He is begging! It is a plea and not a request for the love of crimony! Please contact today!

There is a quota to hit. If the quota is not reached for Chuck W. Contacts, he gets sad. No one enjoys seeing a grown man cry, especially said grown man. So, please do his sanity a favor some time (preferably sooner than later) and drop him a line to avoid this pitiful outburst!

Any Type Of Contact Is Welcome

For example, here at Chuck W. Dot com we love to read emails in regards to things like; Bookings for events (I like to play-a the shows puh-lease! :), artists in need of an interview (I will never charge for an interview on this site), special commissions for music or sound design (such as film work or DMCA free music for your own streams of any variety), and those simply looking to chat about cool stuff worth reading. These are only among the first categories of people that come to mind, but all are welcome.

This site aims to create the best content on the internet for musicians! Send me some of your favorite resources and I’ll list them here! With articles about their process, art, advice on what gear to buy, projects and so much other fun stuff. We will make it easier than ever before for musicians to find resources, learn about/from their peers, and maybe if we’re lucky, collaborate and make new friends! Speak Soon!

Get In Touch

Contact Chuck W. Today!

I don’t bite. Actually, I’d like to consider myself a pretty nice person. If you are a nice person, please reach out with nice things to say. That sounds really nice!

Send Chuck A Message

Hey, look at this! We even have a web form now! I’ll need to figure out how to use it, whether anyone has sent me anything and how to reply, but after that we’re cooking with gas!

Please No Spam

I understand it would be funny and simple to do. However, if I may point something out. I’m a Musician. A starving artist. There’s no point in spamming me because aside from annoying me, your lack of results from this spam will only annoy you as well. Thank you in advance!

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