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The Korg MS20-Mini

Worth every stinkin’ penny. 

In my crusade towards Artists helping Artists, what is more helpful than an open and honest dialogue in the form of a good old Musician based gear review? In my book, it’s the best way to…

The Moog Mother 32!!

The Step Sequencer from Mars that you won’t be able to keep your grubby little hands off of . . .


An Expanse of Possibilities 

I’m always drawn to it’s expansive 32 bays for patching. It really allows for you…

The Korg Volca Sample

The Korg Volca Sample – Truly a device which is a gift from the gods. 

A lil box that packs a punch


First off, there’s no beating this Volca's purchase price. It’s mega cheap. Especially for what it does.


The Moog DFAM

Drummer from Another Mother

The Moog DFAM – AKA Drummer from another Mother – The best analog (non) drum machine you can add to your arsenal

Ahhh, my second analog synth. Bought it brand new as soon as it hit…