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The Most Underrated Bassist Of The Common Era

The Most Underrated Bassist of the Common Era 

I know, astonishing that this shmuck with some fucking blog in who knows where, has the gall to post the above title.

I don’t think this is a revelation to us fans…

Ask.Audio - The Greatest Resource of Them All?

. . . It may very well be.

I’m someone who’s always on the hunt for a good Gear related tutorial. After a while of hunting on YouTube you get sort of sick of it. You always leave with a…

Autolux and Noise Rock

Autolux And The Ever-Lasting Appeal Of Noise-Rock

But noises effect is not primarily negative. One hears also a positive effect of noise: to give force to music, to provide the implicated reserve of sense.” – Adam Evens, Sound

The Most Underrated Guitarist of the Common Era

Steven Drozd – The Man in the Shadows 

To any hardcore TFL fans out there, this fact about Steven Drozd is no secret. While the band is defined by their eclectic and flamboyant vocalist (aesthetically speaking), the music comes from…

The Most Underrated Drummer of the Common Era

The Most Underrated Drummer of the Common Era is a rough pick but I think it deservedly goes to Mr. Pat, mother-f**king, Mahoney. This underrated drummer/percussionist for LCD Soundsystem means business and he’s got the reddened face and chops to…

My Favorite Show Of '18

My Favorite Show of ’18 – I go to a lot of concerts. A. Lot. In the past year I saw Radiohead twice, Nine Inch Nails at Radio City, Queens of the Stone Age in Atlanta for the Shaky Knees…

The Best Band Of The 00's

The Best Band of the 00’s – First, this is my opinion. I won’t trash talk your choice, you don’t trash talk mine, deal? 


While the 00’s were full of amazing acts like LCD Soundsystem, the Strokes and Bright Eyes…

How To Avoid Calling Music Your Hobby

How to Work a 9-5 as an Artist: But, Chuck ... I Just Don't Have The Time

How to work a 9-5 as an artist: Excuses are like a**holes! I work a normal gig as a Consultant. It’s a M-F…

The Case For Buying Used Gear

Don't Go Down The Rabbit Hole (Too Much)

The case for buying used gear: When I can avoid it, I never buy new gear. I always go used. Sure, it has burned me a few times. However, I don’t think…

A Musical Swiss Army Knife

Is it a guitar? A drum set? An exotic indigenous instrument of some kind? 

Nope. It is an app. That’s right, an app called Caustic. The gent (Rej) over at really nailed it with this one and all it’s…