Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism!!! (E.P.)

It's New, It's Not Blue and it's got <<< This dude!!!!

We call him D.B. the Dust Bunny. He will be your Guide to everything in regards to this E.P.

And BY THE WAY!!! If you love DB as much as we all do, I'm happy to announce he will be the featured Merch item for this Release. Plans are already in the works for Shirts, Pins and Stickers. We, hopefully, can oblige 90% of custom requests too, so if you'd like something you don't see listed in the Store please do not hesitate to contact me and we'll figure it out!

Please Enjoy 'Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism' in Full with Visuals!!!

Get Your Shit Together!

Chuck W.

Me First Album! 10 whooole tracks at a whopping twenty-three minutes. It's a really wild ride that bounces around without much regard for genre or convention. There's some melody. There's some noise. There's lot of experimentation. If you are kind enough to pay any amount for this album, please know your proceeds will be sent to charity.

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    0:00 / 4:24
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Chuck W.'s Store

Get Your Shit Together! QR Stickers 2/1
  • Get Your Shit Together! QR Stickers 2/1
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A tad less impressive than the vinyl stickers, these QR codes will bring you to a dedicated page for Get Your Shit Together! I'll email you the login upon purchase, all proceeds to charity and free shipping. I have a picture for this somewhere but cannot seem to find it. I think it's a 2X1

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Chuck W.'s Small World [Mastered]
  • Chuck W.'s Small World [Mastered]
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So, first, there was the album itself. Then, Dan Fur gave it a nice spit shine, clearing out all the cobwebs and making it sound crisp as crisp can be. I adore this mix and would choose it over the original any day. Actually, I recommend both for a bit of comparison!

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