Thoughts and Musings

Thoughts and Musings – The yin to Gear’s yang. Here you will find content from both myself, Eve and anyone else who cares to contribute. This is where you will find the musings on music, movies, synths and life mentioned so often throughout this page.

I find myself at a loss trying to explain this section. It’s whole principle is to be loose and open ended. With those as it’s core tenets, how do I explain writing up an article on whatever comes to mind? By restating that fact – This section is for whatever comes to mind – For Anyone. If you had a dream the other night and wrote about it, we’ll post it. If you made a sketch while at work, ship it over? Did you meticulously re-construct the Sisteen Chapel out of lego blocks? You know I want to see that shit. Thoughts and Musings needs that shit and YOU are just the one to provide it! Don’t be shy. There’s no judgement here. I won’t allow it and since I own the site, I can make that a reality. I will enforce a strict no harassment policy, so you can feel free to post away. Hell, I’ll give you Admin access if you ask nicely and promise not to touch anything pretty looking inside the code.

Interview with Dan Fur

Interview with Dan Fur - Dan Fur is an Ambient Synthesist (gun to my head and I had to classify). His material is enchanting, intriguing and not exactly associated with the unfortunate connotation of "dour" [...]

Freestyle Poem

I'm not really a writer.. Freestyle Poem - If you couldn't tell by now.. However, I just took a stab at putting some pen to paper and just seeing what happens. I'm honestly asking, is [...]

Interview: Shelf Black

Interview: Shelf Black Shelf Black and I first started speaking when I noticed one particular Gent was liking a lot of my Instagram posts (I'll abstain from shameless self-promotion here, for once, since, after all, [...]

Interview with A-Body

Interview: ABody Interview: A-BODY - This is my interview with Bodya Konakov, AKA A-Body. A-BODY is a Ukrainian Synthesist who recently released a compilation ШЩЦ, which loosely translates to SHITS in English. I wrote a [...]

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