Gear and Equipment

Gear and Equipment, in my book,

stands for musical equipment. However you go about creating oscillations in a way which makes it present within the audible spectrum, we want to read about what you used to cause that within this section. Whatever you deem as gear is gear. Have a modular set up? What’s in it? Why did you pick the modules which you own? What’s your favorite sampler? How do you make that bass tone in the early part of the track so drippy, while it’s not throughout the rest of the tune? Within this category, Gear and Equipment Archives, you will find reviews, opinions and resources on various gear and equipment. Soon, I hope for others to chime in with their  own discussions on gear and their experiences with various bits of equipment.

As stated in the previous paragraph, I hope to see all of your layouts here shortly, but in their absence you’ll just have to go reading about mine yet again (enjoy) – Presently, I am working with the following equipment – Moog Mother 32, Moog Drummer from another Mother (DFAM), AI Synthesis A1006 Stompbox adapter module, Behringer effects pedals, Korg SQ-1, Korg MS20Mini, Korg Volca Sample and more patch cords than I care to count but some day might – What about you? What’s your rig look like?