How to Build Your Instagram Base

How to Build your Instagram Base from your artist profile

How to Build your Instagram Base for your Artist Profile Page: Instagram is easy. Whereas YouTube can be a bitch and makes it difficult to post material sometimes, boosting your following on Instagram just takes a bit of time. 

Personally, I started an Instagram account in December ’18 (so about two months ago) and already have 280 followers. This is along with 86 posts and following 1,436 people. So, clearly I had to put in some effort to reach 280 so quickly. 

Start by having a Bio chock-full of links to your other social media accounts (SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Spotify should be your link). One downside is that only one link in your Bio will actually function as a hyperlink. The rest would need to be copied and pasted, which inherently means less participants. 

From there, shoot some video on your phone of you playing your instrument of choice. For me, it’s an easy pick, since these days I am mostly a synthesist and synthesizers have an aesthetic appeal. Make your performance interesting; Add some filters, use a smart bulb for cheesy lighting, buy a cheap strobe light from an electronics store, etc. 

Now is when the marketing aspect comes into play. Your hashtags are VERY important. DO NOT under-estimate them. Go in with a plan and know what you want for your hashtags to be. Maybe someone has a channel dedicated to reposting exactly your kind of material. For example, my go-to is #electronicbunker. Electronic bunker reposts dank home studios banging out synthesizer music throughout the day. 

Also, don’t forget to tag what you’re actually doing! When I play my mother 32, I tag it #moog, #moogmother, and #moogmother32. List as many variations on the wording you can think of. This will maximize your appearance to those hunting for these specific tags. Never hurts to just say #music, or #guitar. Be straightforward and they shall come. 

This final tip is probably the coup de gras. It has netted me more followers in just the last two days then any other approach which I’ve tried. When you are scrolling through your feed and notice that someone has many likes on any given post, first like it. Then, go into the listing of fellow users who have liked the same post. Go down the list and follow everyone. This is almost guaranteed success, so long as you have an interesting channel for people to follow. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on How to Build your Insta Base and found it informative. If you have any of your own suggestions which you’d like to share, please feel free to do so within the comment section of this very post. Thanks for reading!

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