Interview DOS with Dan Fur

Interview DOS with Dan Fur 

It's been some time since ChuckW.Com had the pleasure of fostering a musical conversation with Canadian Audio Magician, Dan Fur. In the interim since our last chat, Dan's been quite the busy man - Building…

Interview with Lithos

Interview with Lithos

I must admit, I don't know Lithos as closely as I typically know Artists interviewed here, but part of that intrigued me enough to ask the Gent for this interview. I mean, that’s what we’re all about here at, right? Learning about Artists who we may have not been made privy to otherwise. So, come learn with me about this Reno, Nevada based solo Musician.  

Interview with Gezvolt

Interview With Gezvolt

Gezvolt is an interesting dude that Netvio yet again brought us together. It combined the styles of two artists who sound like polar opposites. However, conceptually, Gezvolt and I could not agree more on oh so many

Interview with Animoscillator

Interview with Animoscillator

Animoscillator has snagged a coveted spot on our releaser calendar by being part of the very first day artist releases will be available on our Electronic Curiosity Collective Bancamp page! Check him along with Void Castor directly

Interview With Chris Lody

Interview with Chris Lody

Today we will have the pleasure of speaking of Mr. Chris Lody of Chrislody. I guarantee this is the Lody-est interview you’ll see all month. Actually, not his real name but facts be damned! His new…

Interview with FreeSoulJAH

FreeSoulJAH has a new album out June first, 2020, on Electronic Curiosity Collective entitled, “Refugee Nation.” 

FreeSoulJAH is a kind-hearted and highly skilled Musician from New Mexico. I forget how he and I began speaking in general, but…

From One To Seven Thousand

I know typically when you see me discussing another Artist it pertains to a new release, or just general interviewing. However, today I have the special opportunity to bend the ear of someone I greatly admire and respect for a wholly different reason. We’re here today to reinforce the importance of sticktoitiveness, but more importantly the indispensable resource that is the support of your collective peers.  

Even a solo act needs some love from the community every so often. Fans are one thing and marvelous, but accolades from those doing the same as you are, in my book, the fastest and easiest way to bolster one’s confidence into making that oh so needed final push to wrapping everything up.  

Tobias AKA OneOne3Eight, hails from Germany and his wry sense of humor does not leave you questioning that for a moment. He happens to be who I have so mysteriously alluded to above. The good part is that 1138’s been around the block. A lack of your approval is not going to break his heart, or cause a stylistic shift that could make Prince blush. Thick skins are required in this corner of artistry, so based on length of playing it means the proper thickness has been achieved. You can be open and honest with him and there’s no fear of hurting his feelings.  

He’s actually extraordinarily humble, meaning you never quite 100% know what exactly he is working on and, personally I think he enjoys creating this sense of mystery. I didn’t even necessarily notice that Tobias was having a rough go wrapping some tracks. Below, I’ll ask him about this period of time where I was somehow blissfully ignorant, and the awesomeness which succeeded.  

Thanks so much for fielding some questions today, Tobias. I know you’re always doing six things at once, so you taking the time means a lot! That said, I’m not going to BS and waste any of this time. Let’s do it to it! 

Interview with ... Chuck W. ?

Well, I kept hearing it wasn't what 'normal' or 'healthy' people do is to interview themselves, so leaning towards the side of caution I roped in a good buddy of mine to grill me on my own page. This interview…

Interview: AlphaChromeYayo

Interview with AlphaChromeYayo – In a furtherance of ChuckW.Com’s dedication to Artists helping Artists we are pleased to assist in your efforts to find the best independent, underground electronic music out there – AlphaChromeYayo (you’ll see me sometimes refer to…

The Korg MS20-Mini

Worth every stinkin’ penny. 

In my crusade towards Artists helping Artists, what is more helpful than an open and honest dialogue in the form of a good old Musician based gear review? In my book, it’s the best way to…

The Most Underrated Bassist Of The Common Era

The Most Underrated Bassist of the Common Era 

I know, astonishing that this shmuck with some fucking blog in who knows where, has the gall to post the above title.

I don’t think this is a revelation to us fans…

Ask.Audio - The Greatest Resource of Them All?

. . . It may very well be.

I’m someone who’s always on the hunt for a good Gear related tutorial. After a while of hunting on YouTube you get sort of sick of it. You always leave with a…