The Most Underrated Modern Drummer

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The Most Underrated Modern Drummer

In a close call Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem takes the cake.

The Most Underrated Drummer of the Common Era is a rough pick but I think it deservedly goes to Mr. Pat, mother-f**king, Mahoney. This underrated drummer/percussionist for LCD Soundsystem means business and he’s got the reddened face and chops to prove it! 

If you know one thing about LCD Soundsystem, aside from the fact that they are a group of must see artists, it’s that their tempo can ramp up and down sporadically – especially during a live performance. 

This machine-made-man named Pat Mahoney is what drives that hectic ship. He never misses a beat. What would the DFA label been like workout him? It was actually a joke between a former friend of mine for years when watching LCD Soundsystem videos that we would say, “Poor Pat,” any time a ferocious portion presented itself and he transitioned with masterful skill. 

I have seen LCD Soundsystem 7(?) times since their comeback for the release of American Dream. Each time Pat was consistent, metronomic and intriguing to watch. He adjusts to curve balls with ease.. Things would go wrong here, or there but it never phases him. He just keeps on chuggin’. 

Making A Call Regarding A Great Drummer Does NOT Come Lightly For Me

First, being a Percussionist myself, I think it only natural that I pick someone fitting that role better than anyone else I can imagine in pop culture at the moment. Also, Pat’s got some stiff, talented and equally metronomic competition. Carla Azar is out there trashing her kit along with whomever will listen. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Carla but, and it pains me to say this, I gotta give it to Mahoney. In the end the guy is just a beast. 

He can tear through songs like shreds of paper. It’s become nothing but a muscle movement for him at this point. It’s second nature. 

Also, wouldn’t I be remiss to not mention 

all some of the badass great drummers I know I found to be monumentally influential upon me? 

I Mean . . 

We’re talking about maniacs like Keith Moon, Topper Headon, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Josh Garza, Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Stewart Copeland, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Chad Smith, Mitch Mitchell, Max Weinberg, Danny Carey, Steve Smith, and so on, so forth forever. 

Please know that all this was taken into consideration when making my selection, so Pat Mahoney clearly has something magical to stand by the legends listed. 

I don’t happen to know much about Pat as a human being. Only as an amazing percussionist. He’s an elusive member of the band. Not exactly the ranting and raving James Murphy, the fantastically talented Nancy who stands out for her skill alone, Pat doesn’t seem to put himself out there too much. 

He’s obviously proud of his work, or he wouldn’t have agreed to the bands reunion. Quickly pulls up Wikipedia page on Pat Mahoney

Sooooo . . .

It turns out he doesn’t have his own Wiki page. For that reason, I will continue to wing it – 

I love watching Pat and James interact. James, the sarcastic prick that he is, always seems to (in jest) fuck with Mahoney. Pat just allows it to glide off of him, much like the rivers of sweat he excretes while hammering away note after note, every single time. This humorous stage play the influential frontman and core of the rhythm section only enhances my appreciation for both gentlemen. They’re a couple of old dudes still having fun just working their craft. In the end, ain’t that all that matters anyway?

In Summary 

And in a very tight race, I hereby declare Pat Mahoney the most underrated Drummer of the common era. LCD Soundsystem would be half the band they are without him and I am ever grateful for having the opportunity to see him live the number of times I did. 

And, I’m Done . . 

Who is your vote for most underrated modern Drummer? Maybe you agree with me? I don’t claim to know everything so, open invitation to debate me (politely :))in the comments section below. I want to hear your opinions! We don’t even have to debate. You can just… You know … Comment. 

Anyway always remember to keep on rockin’ and rollin’!

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