Interview With TwoCann!

Chuck W. | Interview With TwoCann

Interview With TwoCann

Chuck W. | Interview With TwoCann

It’s quite the humorous coincidence that this interview with TwoCann is following hot on the heels of an interview with Netvio Founders, Only One Spoon and Atlas Castle. For one, it’s the reason TwoCann and I have the pleasure of meeting each others’ acquaintance. Another reason I chuckle to myself for really no reason at all, is because TwoCann is an overwhelming and over-flowing well of goofy, yet serious, positivity. My kinda guy!

He runs his own Instagram series on how to produce successfully, despite your own insecurities, ADHD and issues with confidence. And so, it’s such a god damn pleasure to have him here exclusively for the purpose of discussing his own material. Rather than discussing how he creates it, let’s do that! But! Let’s also learn a little bit more about everybody’s pal – TWOCANN! The Arizona Musician sits down with Chuck W. Dot Com to discuss his latest release!

CW: Thanks much for taking the time to sit down with me today, my friend! You’ve alluded me for too long! It’s only fitting that we are here to discuss ‘Twogether’ (Pre-Save HERE)

TC: Thanks for having me! Long time comin’!

CW: Now don’t feel obligated to disclose this, only if you’re comfortable, I always like to ask those I interview who utilize stage names what their REAL names are – So – ? 

TC: It’s Aaron!

CW: Always a gamble, always a toss up with the following question and, for once, I can’t say I have the slightest clue – but, what is your native instrument? What can you just pick up and tear through like no ones business?

TC: Keys!

CW: When did you realize this was meant for you, this was what you want to do with yourself

TC: I was running and just thinking about work and life in general and listening to one of my rough mixes of Despair & Hope when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d been spending a ton of time talking with others about music around this time. Somehow, I just knew I wanted my life to be surrounded by this passion of mine that I thought had left years ago.

Chuck W. | Interview With TwoCann 3

CW: Again, a question only for those comfy/cozy with it – Where does your stage name stem from?

TC: From the beginning I’ve always wanted to build a community around a brand, and I wanted it to bring people together. To be as inclusive of a space as possible. The number 2 has always resonated with me for reasons I can’t explain and I have always been a sucker to my own optimism. So the idea that two people can do (insert challenge) really stuck with me. Thus, Twocann was born!

CW: What’s your songwriting process? You sit down and are about to craft something; Please do me a favor and guide me, a to z, on how you come to a song’s conclusion – 

TC: It happens differently almost every time. Most of my songs stem from practicing synthesizing or playing the keys until something catches my ear. Now if I am producing for a vocalist, totally different intentions go into the process. I love getting some reference tracks and then injecting the Twocann sounds I’ve created to do everything I can to prop them up!

On a more structural level: I normally start working on the bass and drums and how they will play together. Next is a chord progression and a picking a note that plays well in every bar. I then use this note for the basis of my lead and as a reference point for the listener to help guide them along. Then mapping out the song, risers, splashes, and FX to sprinkle on top!

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CW: So! Be With Me . . Why Is That The First Single We’re Experiencing From Twogether?

Be With Me really felt like the culmination of the whole year, which I know for so many of us felt like a real wash. I don’t think there’s anyone I know who hasn’t been affected in one way or another. I am so thankful to everyone who has struggled and been knee deep in the shit to continue pressing on and making it to this point. In a way Be With Me is a selfish song, and I’m asking a lot by asking people to suffer and continue being here with me when they’re at their worst.

CW: I Want To Talk Production Style

But I’m finding myself at a loss for an actual question! You and I could not be further opposites in regards to approach or, presumed, end goal. And I love it! Different perspectives always excite me. The things which come natural to you that I wouldn’t consider twice. That kind of makes this whole thing special, right there. What do you attribute this song’s catchy, bouncy and grounded approach to?

TC: Sidechaining

Just kidding! Honestly, it’s something that I have struggled with; Allowing different elements their own space! Also, I specifically tried to make my vocals as short and punchy as possible before I ran them through 3 different vocoders! Also, I am beating a dead horse, but the relationship between your kick/hats and bass-line are crucial!

CW: From A Nerd Perspective

Which portion of the post-production process do you find actually grabs your attention, whereas others would typically prefer to induce vomiting on themselves then start THERE.?

TC: My post-production is kind of a giant mess until I send it off for mixing and mastering! Disclaimer, do not take post-production tips from me! First, I mix as I go. It takes me a little bit longer sometimes, doing this, but for me it’s the way to go.

I need to have as close of a finished product as I am working on so I can make decisions I am ultimately happy with before I do send it off and it’s then totally out of my hands. To answer the question more directly, mixing and EQing are without a doubt my favorite aspects before sending my music off. It gives me one more chance to carve out my sound and what the listener will get to experience when it’s all said and done!

For Be With Me

CW: How did you achieve the vocal effects heard in the ‘Body’ parts? Samples, actual vocals, def jam poetry? Were they meant to be telligible and if so/not why?

TC: It’s funny you say that, this is an artistic decision. Some songs on the album I did my best to preserve the “telligible-ness” of the lyrics and others like “Be With Me” are kind of distant and difficult to understand at times. For this track, my absolute goal after I added the vocals was to allow the listener to decide the words they hear and let the tone and mood of the song choose the words for them. And that is now officially the most artistic thing I have ever said haha!

CW: I Continue To Use This Word Happy

I continue to use this word happy when describing your music. Rather rude, actually. So, I’m going to pose this one back toward you – If you could give this song merely one adjective to summarize the whole mother fucking god damn thing…. What – Adjective – DO YOU PICK?!?!?!

TC: Melancholy

CW: What Is “Be With Me” About, TwoCann?

TC: Suicide. This has been the impossible year for so many people. Especially living in the United States, this year has exacerbated and highlighted all aspects of our infrastructure. Vital elements that have been functioning on life support since long before the pandemic.

This Song

Was born out of a struggle. One of watching someone you love dearly and wishing desperately that you could just force them to want to stay. “Be With Me” is a reminder to myself to cherish the time that you have with those you love. And it’s a personal reminder. That I need to do a better job of knowing and understanding the people that fill my life with joy. 

To Me

The whole process of meeting strangers, becoming friends and growing a relationship is a crazy concept when pondered! But it makes living so much more bearable, especially as we’ve learned this year when things can become impossibly difficult so quickly, that I’ve learned not to take for granted the people that truly want to be a part of your life. That desire to help others I think is kind of in the background of all music and musicians goals. Whether it’s a song to make you laugh, forget, disassociate or hype you up. We’re all just making music to try and help people feel something! 

CW: Well.. Ehem…

Clearly ‘Happy’ was never the proper adjective to be use to describe TwoCann’s new single, Be With Me, out Jan. 20, 2021 (Pre-Save HERE!!!). Nevertheless, this is why we ask questions! Without looking like a complete horse’s ass for… the extent of the interview, it was well within my power to stop at any given time to gain clarification about the song’s meaning before lauding my own interpretation. Live and learn! Aside that, though, an important lesson about perceptions, assumptions and even tonality. TwoCann got sick of listening to me prattle on and left a good 45 minutes ago. I’m actually about to sit down to dinner. Please kindly leave my house before things escalate 🙂 … And Keep On Rockin’ And Rollin’!

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