Interview With Animoscillator


Interview With Animoscillator; This sit down with the talented multi-instrumentalist and Bozeman, Montana resident shows his humble side.

I’d just like to quickly thank Animoscillator for taking the time to sit with me today. This Artist is busy. With his second release this year, Happy Accidents, should prove to be a wild ride of ambient action and, personally, I can’t wait. Let alone, it’s such a god damned honor that we as Electronic Curiosity Collective get to release this the same day as Void Castor, making these our first two releases!! I couldn’t be more excited and without further babbling from me – Ladies and Gents – Animoscillator !! 

So, a little bit of an on the nose question, but what IS Animoscillator all about? Who is Animoscillator? 

Animoscillator is simply my artist moniker. It is a mixture of animal and oscillator. 

Animoscillator is all about being creative. Being creative is the only thing that comes naturally to me. 

How long have you been playing and how’d you get started? 

I’ve been playing music since I was around 14, so around 18 years now. Music is all I ever wanted to do in life so picking up an instrument just seemed to make sense. 

What would you deem your ‘native’ instrument and how do you find it incorporates into your stylistic approach? 

My principal instrument is guitar. I went to college for music and I studied guitar as well as piano. When I was in school I started getting into electronic and experimental compositions. I’ve always been attracted to esoteric music. It’s like, if you get it, you dig it. If not, thats fine. 

I don’t think the technical side of playing the guitar is incorporated into my electronic music at all and thats what I love about it. The electronic music I make sounds nothing like the music I make with a guitar in my hands. 

What is your approach? Take me through a little bit of how you get the ball rolling, and continue to roll, for any given project. 

When it come to music I simply get struck with inspiration. Whether it be a new synth, pedal or a beat I hear on the radio. I like to constantly try new set ups and combos with my gear. That way i can constantly be learning and evolving. I’ll spend a lot of time tweaking and rearranging until i believe everything is just right. Then, I hit record and jam the tune. I do everything “DAWless” so I have to nail it all in one take. There is no post production, other than a bit of compression, EQ and mastering. 

What is the story behind Happy Accidents? Is there a thematic concept, or is this just straight stream of consciousness; Brain to fingers? 

Happy Accidents is an ambient album comprised mostly of DIY tape loops and synth work. This album is all about embracing randomness and imperfection. 

Where does your music come from? 

Somewhere between my brain and the consciousness of the universe. It also comes from oscillators. Lots of oscillators. 

Again, a question which we can get existential on all day with, or one that would leave you saying, “Well that was a dumb question.” – Why do you make music? 

Not a dumb question! Like I was saying earlier, being creative is the only thing that comes naturally to me and I enjoy exercising my creative muscles.


So you’re writing a new track. Take me through your process, A-Z, front to back 

I stare at my mountain of gear. I figure out how many inputs I have. Plug it all in, sequence it all out. Tweak some knobs, change some pedals. Usually have to address a MIDI channel or two. Practice the tune a few times and just let it run in a loop to make sure I’m happy with it. Then, I hit record and try my best to nail it. If I’m happy I’ll mix it down and bounce it out. 

Were you always a solo artist? How did that come to pass? 

I am not a solo artist by trait. I play in lots of bands and have been since I was in middle school. The solo thing is actually kind of hard for me. I’d like to get out and perform some shows as a solo electronic artist but I just haven’t given myself the chance yet. And that’s all we had time for but do please be sure to check out Happy Accidents!

Interview With Animoscillator

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