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This blog is all about art, music, pop culture, and the stuff worth mentioning in between.


Drawing ‘Drawing’ (quote, unquote), as a lifelong ‘Doodler’, seems like a far and unattainable goal. And it remains that way with the sketches below. Thank you for viewing them it is much appreciated. From top-left we have drawings entitled: More Drawings! Titled (from top-left): Chuck W. Drawings Continued Titled (from top-left): Drawing for fun Titled…


Resources Resources which vary in topic and content will be posted to this page. No real order is present to the posts or topics. This post will serve as a random assortment of hopefully helpful documents and other support material, which gets updated every here and there. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you…

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We like to hold interviews with any and all upcoming artists here on the Chuck W. Dot Com Blog, so if you have something coming out, or even just something interesting to say, please feel welcome to email me.