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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog of Chuck W, a Queens, New York based musician and filmmaker with a passion for all things based in art and the Humanities. Chuck E. Dot Com Blog is a revolving door of ideas and opinions held by myself on, but not at all limited to, music, pop culture, film and the behind the scenes’ business of all of it. You’ll find I also like to regularly bash on Spotify, while consistently pushing my Spotify. 

Starting back when I was just a kid growing up on Long Island, art has always been my escape, my passion, and my calling. I also enjoy writing about it! 

Simultaneous to my early found love of art, I discovered I loved writing about doing it, writing about others doing it and writing about all the doo-dads and gadgets they did it with.

I am excited to share this portion of the Chuck W. journey with you.

On the Chuck W. Dot Com Blog

I will be exploring the ins and outs of the business called show. Everyone’s opinion is worth hearing, from Elvis to your kid Brother who just got a guitar.

That’s why we love to host interviews of other local artists here. If you are an artist who needs an interview for any PR purposes please let me know. It will be my pleasure to work something out with you (Free, I don’t charge for fun). Please email me if interested. I hope to also share my experiences and insights as a musician. This will permit you to learn from everything I did wrong. 

But this blog won’t just be about show biz or music business. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on random, fun ideas. Whether it’s a cool new band, a book to read, or … Whatever. Big emphasis on the ‘whatever’ part there so long as it is interesting. 

I hope you’ll find something valuable here. Like a new music marketing strategy tip, interesting gear tidbit, or a chuckle every here and there. 

So come along with me on this journey. Let’s explore the world of music and art together, share our stories, and leave some beautiful noise in our wake.

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