About what ChuckW.Com is Here For

Pleasure to Meet Ya! Name’s Chuck

About Chuck W. and ChuckW.Com

(FYI, they are two different things ;))


Hello and Welcome to Chuck W. dot com!

What are you on about with this site deal-y thing here?

Information About ChuckW.com : Here we explore synths, cats, music, movies and life.
First of all, it is important to explain a slightly more and core tenet than this site’s tag line –
My entire intention with this page is, “Artists Helping Artists.”
It’s really that simple in my mind’s eye. I view this site as a way of gaining Karma points and paying it forward to a community that has always been so open and accepting to me throughout my time on this planet.

I’d like to tell you a little about me just because… – I am a 31 year old musician and filmmaker, residing in Amityville, New York. Most importantly, I’ve been playing Drums since the age of 8, when my Mother found my first kit sitting by the side of the road. She tossed it in the back of her car, immediately got me lessons and never, ever allowed me to quit. For that, I am forever grateful.


Due to years of repetitive stress syndrome I am sad to report that it seems I am physically unable to play drums with any longevity at all. So, what’s a lifelong musician to do when dealt these cards? Why, turn to synthesizers, of course.
While I am NOT grateful for my injury, I am grateful for the corner it placed me in. It forced me to leave my comfort zone and dive into something I truly had no idea about, slowly building my knowledge through YouTube videos, Reddit, Textbooks and many many mistakes.

Problems Seen in the Synth Community

From what I’ve seen, I’m yet to stumble across a ‘one-stop’ shop of information. My goal is to bridge this gap and open up a conversation within the community to address (at least) the following issues:

  • Confusion over what to buy
  • Resource scarcity
  • Remembering that this is mother fucking ROCK N’ ROLL we’re talking about here people!

Please feel welcome to contribute your trials, tribulations or solutions. Odds are if you’re not asking your question, someone else out there has the same one and is too shy to ask. Don’t feel shy here! There’s no judgment or abuse of users opinions’ on this page.

What sort of solutions should I anticipate from this site?

Excellent question! Off the top of my head this is what I was considering:

  • As many resources as I can manage to drum up will be found in the Resources section
  • Intriguing Musician Based Gear reviews from a peer who knows where you’re coming from and what you’re looking for
  • (I don’t know if technically this qualifies as a solution, but) Interviews with lesser known artists and music influencers
  • Answers to philosophic shower thoughts that should have died there, but instead found a way onto paper via my hand anyway

How will you provide these solutions?

I’m so glad you asked!

  • Keep my eyes open for anything that someone might find useful and be sure to post it
  • Write something up . . . Like what I’m doing here and now . . About stuff . . That varies.
  • I’m fortunate enough to have some musicians friends around the world, whom you will most likely see featured here – Follow their lead and stay inspired!
  • Well, my rants, of course, would be where to find these philosophic and (non)monumental answers to the aforementioned shower thoughts

So, who Exactly is this Site Meant For?

  • Mostly musicians, but if you like pop culture and want the scoop from the underground view of things, this is for you
  • Folks seeking resources to further their own artistry
  • Artists who wish to help other artists flourish and grow – This is not limited to music!! Art of all kinds is welcome here;
  • Maybe you’re artist who paints and is able create vibrant colorful paintings
  • Maybe you’re an artist who spent 30 years in marketing, secretly honing your craft in a closed-off room somewhere, afraid you’ll come off amateurish
  • As far as I am concerned we are all friends here who are open and welcome to the notion of all mediums, while never discrediting the efforts someone else has put forth (unless the effort put forth sucks, of course)
  • This site is for the novice up through the master
  • Think of an Andy Warhol, or Bob Moog – They weren’t ‘technically musicians’ in their own words, they were facilitators. I want to do all I can to assist you in creating your art.
  • The nuance here is I AM a Musician and a Facilitator. I’ve been around the block, screwed in every which way imaginable and put through the ringer. I hope to help you avoid making the same mistakes I have to allow you to blossom, flower and bloom.
  • When you leave this site and something said has left you thinking and scratching your chin, I’ve done my job