A Tense Stroll In The Park EP

Chuck W. 

A Tense Stroll In The Park 

A Self-Released four tracks that are hauntingly representative of the wondrous time in which we live. Now exclusively available on BandCamp!

Track Listing

1. - A Tense Stroll In The Park 

2. - Stammering Right Along

3. - Mario's Pissed 

4. - Sky's On Fire

Master by Dan Fur 

Released 12/3/2020 All Rights Reserved 

What Some Folks Are Already Saying

"I just listened to A Tense Stroll In The Park and love it! There's very original rhythms. Weird in the best sense!""

"Great title to match such an anxious vibe"

"Chuck is definitely one of my favourite musical scientists when it comes to experimental electronic with attitude."

"The whole concept and artistic direction behind this EP is pure genius. I wasn't expecting less from Chuck's new musical endeavours!"

A Tense Stroll In The Park 

Press Release 

In this fifth self-release in under two years, Experimental Electronic musician Chuck W. delivers a wide vision. A Tense Stroll In The Park is both completely a curveball and akin to previous releases all at once. Heard within the record are conscious efforts to combine past oddities, and never shy from applications of heavy doses containing raw experimentation. Any follower of this artist with an extremely fast turnaround between releases, this EP shows a maturation for the solo artist. This is despite his prior release reaching ear only 5 months prior.

A Tense Stroll In The Park finds itself a home somewhere more defined and structured.

It's music theory used by the dark side of the force.

In a venture which explains the nervousness a confused man can assume in such a modern era, A Tense Stroll In The Park is just that. A record whose paranoia pokes its head in when most unwelcome.

Whilst having an otherwise upbeat and melodic timbre, the tension will fill to burst, only to release again into a sea of exploration and experimentation. 

Come get nervous with Chuck W. on what should be an otherwise innocuous activity - Existing in 2020 and being 'bold' enough to take a walk outside. 

A Tense Stroll In The Park

Please Enjoy The Music Video For 

'Stammering Right Along'

Some Very Kind Words From Everyone's Favorite, Captain Ghostnote ! Thank you again, Cappy!

The 'stroll' starts carefree and sunny. There's an almost 'disco-y' part to guide us.. And then the anxiety sets in at the last moment...

The 2nd track, Stammering Right Along, starts off rather mean and energetic; something foul's in the air! These two don't match but do sound interesting together! There's an excellent vibe reminiscent of 'marching soldiers' on the percussion end, accompanied by a sharp arythmic electro-arp....

Now dark clouds are gathering!!!

Mario's Pissed  is track three and feels like when you wake up face in the mud, the world around you has changed, and not for the better... An electric storm has hidden a bunch of spaceships in your head! Sam time, very creepy. I LOVE this vibe.

Rounding out the EP is the fourth track, Sky's On Fire. Through this track the madness endures, but the calm is returning bit by bit. The floating hats seem to guide you back to the sun... It's a very awesome work containing excellent sounds and unique rhythms.

If it's one thing at all, though, it's unmistakably 'CHUCK W.'

Instagram Influencer @Music.trails had this to say - 

The new ⁣experimental "A Tense Stroll In The Park" features an ⁣upbeat and melodic feel tied to the four-song⁣ EP, defining ⁣⁣Chuck W.'s⁣ road as a more defined solo artist. If this year could be summed into four incredibly relatable songs, this EP would be it. ⠀⠀
Discover the angst, pressure, and uncertainty built up from this year's events into a ⁣masterpiece filled with ⁣synths, noise, ambiance, horns, woodwinds, and other instruments turning this into a must-listen. ⠀

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