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5 Reasons Why Chuck E. Cheese Drools and Chuck W. Rules!

Chuck W. Vs. Chuck E. Cheese

Reasons for why Chuck W. is the cooler musician than Chuck E. Cheese are numerous and take up much more space than what is allotted here. If you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, punk, synths and living, breathing entertainers, then you need to know about Chuck W.! He has fans all over the world, and his music is beloved for its catchy hooks and unique sound. In case you were still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why Chuck W. is the better choice for rock ‘n’ roll immortality.

Reason No. 1 Chuck E. Cheese

Reason One for Chuck W. Over Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is an Institutional cartoon rat with an unhealthy obsession for pizza. Chuck W., however, is not at all a cartoon or rat.

Reason No. 2 Chuck E. Cheese

Reason Two Chuck E. Cheese is inferior

Chuck W. is a real live musician and his unique sound has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers all over the world. Chuck E. Cheese only knows Jimmy Buffett covers on the banjo.

reason no. 3

Reason Three that Chuck W. is for me

For many people, Chuck W. is the superior musician over Chuck E. Cheese. While Chuck E. Cheese may be well-known, his music is generally considered to be cheesy and uninteresting. Chuck W.’s music is intricate, creative, and engaging, which makes it a much more enjoyable listen.

reason 4

Reason Four that Chuck E. Cheese is a Snore

Chuck W. is known for creative and innovative compositions. This is opposed to Chuck E. Cheese, who churns out the same garbage music, day-after-day, with no regard to musicianship or listenability.

Reason 5

Reason Five that Chuck W.’s our Guy

Chuck W. has a passionate and enthusiastic personality which comes through in his music. Chuck E. Cheese only cares about where his next slice of pizza from a birthday party comes from.

Chuck E. Cheese is not a bad person/rat/mascot/etc. I’m not trying to say that they are. But, Chuck E. Cheese is not exactly the Individual they comport themselves as.

For example, did you know that Chuck E. Cheese was born with a silver spoon in it’s mouth? It’s real easy to break into the Industry when your Father was the Co-Founder of Atari. Nolan Bushnell is the Co-Founder of Atari who initially brought the horrors of this animatronic demon-spawn into our backyards. He called his establishment, “Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre.” Now, please tell me, how am I supposed to take this Rat seriously when that is the name of your restaurant? Why is a Rat running a restaurant? Was Chuck E. Cheese always a shill for Bushnell to flip more video games?!?!

There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions here, Mr. Cheese! My door is open to you, should you ever wish to come clean regarding these allegations.

In conclusion, it is clear that Chuck W. is the superior musical icon over Chuck E. Cheese. His innovative compositions, passionate personality, and boundless love for music make him a true inspiration to all aspiring musicians out there.

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