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Experimental, Underground, Independent – No Matter your Medium. This is a home to ALL Artists.

. . . And oh so much more. You may be asking yourself as David Byrne once said, “How did I Get Here?” To be honest, I’m not terribly sure what brought you here either. I try as far as SEO goes, so maybe that brought you here? However, I’m not very good at it so that being what landing you here is a 50-50 shot. Maybe you’re a Chuck W. fan, looking into myself further. Also, I’m inclined to assume that is not the case (at least yet I can hope). I’m guessing (?) you found this page because you were researching some gear or pop culture stuff that led you here.

Either Way..Back to Artists Helping Artists

However it may have happened – I’m very much glad you ARE here! If you’re still saying, “Why am I bothering to read this stuff, Chuck W.?” Well, I can only hope the topics I discuss genuinely interest you. Aside from that, I want to provide an open and honest platform for what is my personal motto: Artists helping Artists. Simple as that. That’s why I’M here, at the least. I have made every mistake in the book. If I can help you to avoid even one slip-up that makes me extremely happy!

Update – 10/13/19

Okay, three things:

2 Bits of good news, one of bad:

No Ones Listening Anyway

  • “No One’s Listening Anyway” is an E.P. I decided needed to see the light of day. The material itself is maybe 8(?) years old. Personally, it’s a time capsule that I’d hate to see go to waste. At the same token, it’s entirely brand new material for those that missed our flash in the pan.
  • It’s an interesting perspective when you were part of the original creative process and know (nearly) every lyric still. I wanted to get it out there for the fact that, and not to be boastful, but we were a damn good Alternative / Indie Band. I do certainly hope you enjoy. Only in hindsight am I able to realize what a much simpler time that was…

Let’s split things up a bit

I Had Mentioned Above there were 2 Bits of Good News and 1 Bad

In the interests of not hitting everyone with a mighty blow and then try to recover with some positive stuff, I’ll mix it up and provide you that bad new next, so we can close on a somewhat higher note:

  • Much to my chagrin, I am sad to announce the dissolution of Grimtown Records. The Underground Label from Norway who were the only ones nice enough to approve my SubmitHub entry.
  • It was the only reasonable placement I’ve yet to receive, being that I did not have a plan or strategy in place upon release.
  • I know I’m not blowing up the Owner’s spot with this news because I only learned of the Independent Label’s situation via a Facebook post Jimi left on the Grimtown page.
  • While it’s absolutely a damn shame that Jimi had to close down, his post was still hopeful. (I’m paraphrasing here) but he said something along the lines of, ‘Just because Grimtown is over doesn’t mean I’m done. I’ll be taking this time to focus on material of my own creation and see where that takes me.’
  • Best of luck, Jimi!!! You’re an awesome guy with eclectic taste. I anxiously await your next release! Also, thank you for taking a leap in adding me to your compilation. It affirms in my mind’s eye that there are good people out there, whose tastes are open and just wish to help. Please stay in touch!

Now, as I literally wipe a tear from my eye, the final bit of news is . . . .  .

That this entire site is getting a facelift!

  • Now that the search engines have realized my site is not a spam one I can finally focus on making this the site I always intended for it to be (Thanks to literally a month’s worth of work from Isaiah!! You rock, Dude!!).
  • Previously it was  full of crawl errors, syntax problems and numerous other things far outside of my understanding.
  • Quite literally, Isaiah was the only one who knew what was occurring and had the ability to patch it. For his efforts, I am eternally grateful.

“What’s this ‘Facelift’ Going to Mean for us, Chuck?”

  • Well from what my stats say in regards to site viewership, you most likely won’t notice any real changes. I need to fix nerdy back-end crap.
  • My intention is to provide a more streamlined layout with an easier structure. This is to allow the reader the chance to navigate to their intended destination easier.
  • In addition, sizing has always been weird here but I was more focused on getting the wheels turning initially to be concerned.
  • Before the borders were all stupid looking, text didn’t always fit on screen and the site wasn’t optimized for mobile.
  • Well, I’m finally sick of it’s amateurish aesthetic. In taking a look at Isaiah’s code, it will be a pain in my ass but not infeasible to remedy with my extremely novice amount of coding knowledge.

We Shall See how it Goes!!

Either way, it needs to happen and I believe I have enough know-how to accomplish this. Wish me luck and keep an eye out for some big, big changes staggering their way, slowly but surely, into  ChuckW.Com V3.0. I’ll make a posting once I either give up, or the re-vamp is complete.

Please Let Me Know if You Notice Bugs or Glitches!!!

Since my access is entirely cached, I don’t necessarily always see on-screen what you folks do. You are my eyeballs! By pointing out issues I promise you will not be hurting my feelings! In fact, for every bug or glitch you catch that totally soared over my head, I’ll be more than happy to ship you a free copy of the Get Your Shit Together! release bundle.

Anywho, Keep Your Eyes Peeled Because I’ll be Plugging away at this Incessantly Until this Site Looks presentable once more.

And that’s your October 13, 2019, ChuckW.Com update – Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming –

October 1st, 2019 – If you’re not prepared….

… you bloody better fucking will be! – Black Zinda in dropping their new Self-Titled Album on Tuesday. I had the lucky chance of obtaining a sneak peek copy and this is one you don’t want to miss. If you wish to support true underground music and explore independent unsigned artists (and abide by my site’s promise of Artists helping Artists) in it’s finest form just follow the creepy image below

‘Get Your Shit Together!’

ChuckW.Com – Major Update!!! 6/23/19 – My new/first Album is done! Just wrapped it up yesterday afternoon. ‘Get Your Shit Together!’ is presently slated for release July 19th on Spotify and all major streaming platforms (ooOOooOoOoOOOOoooooHHhhh, fancy).

I’m hoping all the cool merch I’ll need will be in around then as well, for my bundle package. More on that as news develops. In the meantime, stay stoked for the release of the first single’s video, which I hope to begin work on shortly.

To tide you over, please enjoy a sneak peek of the cover and track-listing below. Help me, help you to explore independent unsigned artists (pardon the shameless self-promotion but you know how it goes). Be an important part of this site’s core principle of Artists helping Artists!



Do You Remember How it Says Juuuust Above Where We are now that there’s a Video Coming Shortly?

Well, you lucky dogs. This won’t come as too much a surprise then . .

Please, please, PLEASE enjoy the following music video. It is my first. It’s also my first Single ever, for my first album ever, called ‘Get Your Shit Together!’ So, obviously it means a lot to me and, hopefully, after watching the video for “Kids Got Pipes (Live)” it will mean something to you as well:

Surprise Drop!

ChuckW.Com Surprise Update!!! So, as I was wrapping up with establishing My Bandcamp page for this album, I stared at the little private button. It’s presence was a nuisance to me. Sure, I didn’t yet have everything I’d need to fill orders regarding the Bundle package yet, but why hold the music back?

After approximately 15 seconds of deliberation, I just said fuck it and hit Publish on the digital download option. IF I HAVE NOT MADE THIS CLEAR YET WITH MY STATEMENT, THE ALBUM IS LIVE AND AVAILABLE AT THE LINK ABOVE. I guess that we can now consider 6/25/19 my first official album release date. Yay! Please go snag yourself a copy and leave me some feedback on the album’s page, will ya?

Update – The service which I use to post to Spotify is being difficult. Spotify and streaming service release date may be pushed back only a few days… Sorry! I’m working with them now to fix it.

5/8/19 – Annnnnd, we are back baby! Sorry for the down time and major props to Isaiah for patching this up. Pardon the appearance a bit as I fine tune some more stuff. Thanks for visiting/coming back, stay tuned! Got some good stuff a-brewin’

5/12/19 – Please check out the Latest News section for my recent diatribe on the Shaky Knees festival, held in Atlanta, Georgia’s Central Park the first weekend in May, 2019. Hope you enjoy the write-up!

August ’19

It’s been quite the interesting month in the world of ChuckW.com. Let’s get you all filled in!

First, I feel obliged to thank the kind folks over at Grimtown Records who reached out all the way from Norway! I am honored to announce that my track ‘Monoarm’ has been placed on their Bi-annual playlist, “Black out the Sun.” Not only am I glad to just be considered, I’m humbled by the level of skill surrounding my track. They really put together a hell of a playlist that I honestly cannot stop listening to. Thanks again, Jimi! You are a credit to my core principle of Artists helping Artists and assisting others explore independent unsigned artists.

Next, In an effort to expand this ChuckW.Com’s core principle of Artists helping Artists –

Shelfblack and I have begun The Electronic Curiosity Collective! It’s main effort is spreading the word and having somewhere to explore independent unsigned artists via our playlist (which I’d greatly appreciate if you followed below). However, the Discord server which comes along with membership has spawned loads of side projects, monthly fun challenges and always interesting discussion with like-minded musicians. TLDR version; It’s a hell of a good playlist and we have some really cool shit planned for the near future.

Last, but certainly not least (if anything, it might be the most exciting ChuckW.com news yet!), I have teamed up with the extraordinarily talented Cat Breath with the intent of releasing a six song collaboration EP in the near future. The title of the Collaborative effort will be CCBB (ChuckW, Cat Breath Band). We’re still working out the kinks but I can say with absolute confidence that this EP will blow you out of the water. The material we are able to generate together just gels in such a unique fashion that I honestly cannot wait to truly sink our teeth into this and get it delivered straight into your ear holes! Stay tuned on that one!

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