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‘Get Your Shit Together!’

6/23/19 – My new/first Album is done! Just wrapped it up yesterday afternoon. ‘Get Your Shit Together!’ is presently slated for release July 19th on Spotify and all major streaming platforms (ooOOooOoOoOOOOoooooHHhhh, fancy). I’m hoping all the cool merch I’ll need will be in round then as well, for my bundle package. More on that as news develops. In the meantime, stay stoked for the release of the first single’s video, which I hope to begin work on shortly. To tide you over, please enjoy a sneak peek of the cover and track-listing below.

Chuck W.

Chuck W.

Do You Remember How it Says Juuuust Above Where We are now that there’s a Video Coming Shortly?

Well, you lucky dogs. This won’t come as too much a surprise then . .

Please, please, PLEASE enjoy the following music video. It is my first. It’s also my first Single ever, for my first album ever, called ‘Get Your Shit Together!’ So, obviously it means a lot to me and, hopefully, after watching the video for Kids Got Pipes (Live) it will ean something to you as well:

Surprise Drop!

So, as I was wrapping up with establishing My Bandcamp page for this album, I stared at the little private button. It’s presence was a nuisance to me. Sure, I didn’t yet have everything I’d need to fill orders regarding the Bundle package yet, but why hold the music back? After approximately 15 seconds of deliberation, I just said fuck it and hit Publish on the digital download option. IF I HAVE NOT MADE THIS CLEAR YET WITH MY STATEMENT, THE ALBUM IS LIVE AND AVAILABLE AT THE LINK ABOVE. I guess that we can now consider 6/25/19 my first official album release date. Yay! Please go snag yourself a copy and leave me some feedback on the album’s page, will ya?

Update – The service which I use to post to Spotify is being difficult. Spotify and streaming service release date may be pushed back only a few days… Sorry! I’m working with them now to fix it.

5/8/19 – Annnnnd, we are back baby! Sorry for the down time and major props to Isaiah for patching this up. Pardon the appearance a bit as I fine tune some more stuff. Thanks for visiting/coming back, stay tuned! Got some good stuff a-brewin’

5/12/19 – Please check out the Latest News section for my recent diatribe on the Shaky Knees festival, held in Atlanta, Georgia’s Central Park the first weekend in May, 2019. Hope you enjoy the write-up!

6/2/19 – I’m proud to announce that as of today I will be teaming up with Synth Redneck in order to host his show, SR Weekly. Synth Redneck and SR Weekly really sum up exactly what the intention of this site is – Artists helping other Artists. In his broadcasts, Synth Redneck shares and discusses tracks by various Synthesists who elsewhere would not necessarily have an outlet. I commend him greatly for his efforts to bring synthesizer music by anyone to anyone. I’m so happy to have him aboard and look forward to what this partnership will bring to this endeavor of mine. You can access his ChuckW.com hosted page here. Please feel free to leave us comments and be sure to follow SR on Twitter. Hell, you may be the next to be featured!

7/7/19 – Well, hello there folks. In an effort to expand this site’s core principle of Artists helping Artists, Shelfblack and I have begun a weekly Spotify Playlist Showdown! We may be battling for supremacy but that only doubles your chances of exposure, since we’re each curating our own. In order to submit just get hold of either of us and we’ll be happy to add you. It honestly takes 2 seconds. Instagram’s probably your best bet for either of us. I linked to his profile above and mine can be found here. I look forward to your DM’s! Let’s get this going, whoo!

P.S. – If you at all wish to check out the playlists prior to submission, or just want to pop in for a listen, you can find my playlist at –

And ol’ Shelfie’s is right here –

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