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A Tense Stroll In The Park EP

A SELF RELEASE coming exclusively to a BandCamp near you 12/11/2020, until I get around to placing it on Spotify.

A Tense Stroll In The Park EP Cover

I Am So Glad To Be Sharing This News!

At last the wait is over for the Music Video for the new single 'Anaesthesia' by Atlas Castle and I - - Check it out! 

And Lest We Forget The Song Itself!

Get Your Shit Together! Cover
Small World
Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism Cover

Get Your Shit Together (2019)

My First Self-Release from July 2019. It's manic, unrelenting and brutal at times. For a first solo album, this one really holds its own to this day within my catalog - Check it out HERE!  

Small World (2020)

My second full length self release from 2020, Small World, is admittedly a little messed up. It's sometimes hard to tell with instrumental music what the artist is trying to make you emote. Not here, though. The rough patch in my personal life is quite audible with creepy melodies, anxious polyrhythms and fear being adjectives which appear first in my mind's eye when discussing. Check it out HERE!

Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP (2020)

On the Heels of such a dour record like Small World I didn't want to pigeon hole myself into consistently writing songs reminiscent of fear, trauma and agoraphobia. Not knowing exactly how to do so, I made a concentrated effort to write a 'happy' record. This is what happens when my naturally 'anxious' sounding timbres meet the intention of sounding positive (or at least not miserably depressed). It's a fun little romp! Check it out HERE!

HMDBCII (2020)

HMDBC II is my third full length self-release from July 2020. It is a slap in the face and punch to your gut if you've ever heard one. To counter the entirely software based EP which preceded it, HMDBC II smashes all my hardware gear together until songs developed and grind forth from the machines, as if being assisted by the jaws of life - Check it out HERE!

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