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In Order Of Appearance On My Forthcoming Release, ‘Anxiety Rock’.

Anxiety Rock Cover


Anxiety Rock Tracklist
  • Anxiety Rock with Exception Code Infinity (1:48)
  • Spring In My Step (2:58)
  • Driving With Synthador (3:18)
  • Droplets (4:03)
  • When You’re In With Don’t Mess With Juan (3:45)
  • P.R.E.S. Off (3:13)
  • P.R.E.S. On With Captain Ghostnote (4:38)
  • Taking That Hike (2:54)
  • Error State with Four Apples (5:00)
  • Not Today (2:50)
  • Dance Of Hinges With AGM (2:31)
  • One Sound (3:01)
  • Beaten With Hammers With Chris Lody (5:15)
  • Voices (2:55)
  • Dead Flowers With Gustavo Prado (5:01)

There will be more news regarding ‘Anxiety Rock‘ coming QUITE SOON! 🙂 But before that’s available have you listened to this other wild and crazy, collaborative effort cooked up by myself and The Netherlands’ own Captain Ghostnote? More details below!

Captain Ghostnote and I would just like to be sure to thank everyone for their support and awesome reception for this latest collaborative single, P.R.E.S. On‘! We are both of the same mind here; That it was a blast and honor creating this with one another. We thank you for listening to our whacky (only somewhat Polish inspired) synthesizer music! For added zaniness, please be sure to watch the official music video below which was primarily created with the use of Adobe Animate (previously Flash) 🙂

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Just Announced!

My 6th studio album, ‘Anxiety Rock’, is nearing post-production completion! It will be a collaborative album with a multitude of artists from around the Globe! Sign up for the mailing list to stay dialed in to all the latest Anxiety Rock news and analog goodness, as it becomes available!

YouTube Laden With Synthesizer Music? Yeah . . Chuck W. Dot Com Has That.

Chuck W. Dot Com Would Like To Remind You Of The Following Chuck W. Effort

Song In Every Six

The Song In Every Six Series!

Every 45 days I release a brand new track. Each is a full-fledged and entirely mastered song.

I’ve been at it since August of 2020. Volume Seven just came out! Can’t believe we’re at this point. Excited to see how far we can keep it going!

Stay tuned to Chuck W. Dot Com! That way, you’ll never miss any!

It’s Worth Mentioning Here

That Chuck W. Dot Com is not about me. I realize it’s a personal artist page. Though, that doesn’t mean it should define the whole website. We’re in a unique position, where I own this small corner of internet real estate. As long as I do, there is never a charge for an interview, or article of any sort. I write for fun. If you need some press stuff written up, drop me a line or visit the contact page!

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