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5/8/19 – Annnnnd, we are back baby! Sorry for the down time and major props to Isaiah for patching this up. Pardon the appearance a bit as I fine tune some more stuff. Thanks for visiting/coming back, stay tuned! Got some good stuff a-brewin’

5/12/19 – Please check out the Latest News section for my recent diatribe on the Shaky Knees festival, held in Atlanta, Georgia’s Central Park the first weekend in May, 2019. Hope you enjoy the write-up!

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Interview: Shelf Black

May 19th, 2019|

Interview: Shelf Black Shelf Black and I first started speaking when I noticed one particular Gent was liking a lot of my Instagram posts (I'll abstain from shameless self-promotion here, for once, since, after all, [...]

Interview with A-Body

May 18th, 2019|

Interview: A-Body   This is my interview with Bodya Konakov, AKA A-Body. A-BODY is a Ukrainian Synthesist who recently released a compilation ШЩЦ, which loosely translates to SHITS in English. I wrote a whole piece [...]

My Favorite Film

March 28th, 2019|

My favorite film is Trainspotting. An anarchistic tale about Scots, Drugs and life in the 1980's, Trainspotting is a must-see with a lot more to say than it may seem.