My First Physical Release!!

Get HMDBC II ON CD NOW!!  Click the pic!!

Get HMDBC II ON CD NOW!! Click the pic!!

Blog Is Starting To Finally Almost Seem Like A Blog Again, Huzzah!!!

. . . And oh so much more. You may be asking yourself as David Byrne once said, “How did I Get Here?” To be honest, I’m not terribly sure what brought you here either. I try as far as SEO goes, so maybe that brought you here? However, I’m not very good at it so that being what landing you here is a 50-50 shot. Maybe you’re a Chuck W. fan, looking into myself further? Also, I’m inclined to assume that is not the case (at least yet I can hope). I’m guessing (?) you found this page because you were researching some gear or pop culture stuff that led you here.

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