I'm So Delighted To Be Sharing The Above With You Today!!!^^^

At last the wait is over for the Music Video for the new single 'Anaesthesia' by Atlas Castle and I - - Check it out! 


My First Physical Release!!

Get HMDBC II ON CD NOW!!  Click the pic!!

Get HMDBC II ON CD NOW!! Click the pic!!

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Wednesday 11/4/20 @ 3:30 P.M. ET. with ANIMOSCILLATOR!!

Thursday 11/5/20 @ 5 P.M. ET with Cue Rampart!!

Friday 11/6/20 @ 5 P.M. ET with Gory Gloriana!!

Wednesday 11/9/20 @ 8 P.M. ET with Modular Marie !!!

Friday 11/12/20 @ 1230 P.M. ET with 59 Perlen!!! 

Earth Modular Society is a wonderful concept I, quite literally, stumbled across. Stop by their Discord Server any time (Modular / Semi-Modular peeps that is), request access to the RTMP URL and Stream key, and the floor's all yours! I hope you enjoy my most recent dive into their waters below, recorded Monday, October 5th, 2020. 

Blog Is Starting To Finally Almost Seem Like A Blog Again, Huzzah!!!

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